Getting yourself beaten time and again by those nasty Bosses in Mythic+ Dungeons? Having trouble finding reliable teammates to support you in Halls of Atonement?  With Leprestore’s mythic boost, we can make all your problems like these become a thing of the past!

In World of Warcraft (WoW), the world of Azeroth is teeming with constant danger and treacherous machinations which seek to destroy everything that you hold dear. This is even truer when it comes to the astounding challenges that you face in defeating the dreaded Bosses of Mythic+ Dungeons scattered throughout the lands of Shadowlands, WoW’s latest story expansion.

But not all hope is lost, as our committed team of professional WoW Carries at Leprestore is here to get you back to winning ways against the many agents of Sylvannas Windrunner and The Jailer, Zovaal!

By trusting us, you can be assured of completing those annoying Mythic+ Dungeons with little to no effort at all! Not only that, gear farming and Keystone upgrading are also possible when you opt for our trustworthy WoW Carry services which are backed by many of our loyal customers today.

Don’t believe us? Check out the reviews for yourself!

What do you get from Shadowlands’ Mythic Dungeons Boosts?

Getting through WoW Shadowlands’ exhausting arrays of Mythic Dungeons repeatedly becomes a deadening chore after a while, and we totally understand you! That’s why we offer many flexible packages of Mythic Dungeon Boosts and Carry options for you to pick and choose comfortably.

Amongst the notable advantages that you get from our incredible Mythic Dungeon Boosts are:

  • Guaranteed completion of any Mythic Dungeon run, even upwards of Mythic+15!
  • Bountiful amounts of loot and gear for you to keep after completing each Dungeon run.
  • Beat the timer in Mythic+ Dungeons consistently as we plough through enemies for you.
  • Discounted prices for consecutive runs too! (depending on package chosen)

To keep things simple, running Dungeons together with Leprestore will make the whole experience an easy breeze for you.

WoW Shadowlands Mythic+ Dungeons Boost Requirements

If you are getting into the groove of purchasing any of our incredible WoW Mythic+ Dungeon Boost bundles, there are a few account requirements which will need to be met first, to ensure maximum success:

  • In-game character MUST be Level 60 (Shadowlands). Visit our Levelling Boost Packages if you need help with this.
  • Minimum gear level must be 205-ilevels and above, for Keystones above +10. For Mythic+15 upwards, we highly recommend gear sets of at least 210-ilevels due to the increased challenge. Kindly check out our Fast Gearing Service to quickly bring your character up to speed.
  • If you are opting for Self-Play, make sure to be available during the specified time and date of the purchased Dungeon boost.
  • Still in Self-Play, make sure to hit each Boss at least ONCE in order to qualify for the loot drops.

Other requirements may be reviewed upon again in the future, depending on in-game updates and future boost packages available. Don’t be shy to contact our online chat messenger if you have any queries too, he doesn’t bite!

Will I be able to Trade Loot in Mythic+ Dungeons during Boosts?

Yes, but there are a few in-game trade restrictions which are already in place for Mythic+ Dungeons. For example, if any of our WoW Carry manages to obtain an item of higher ilevel than his current gear, he will not be able to trade with you (literally).

Nevertheless, we are already prepared for this and have options to circumvent the trade block, depending on your preferences:

  • Regular Mythic+ Dungeon Runs (no extra traders)
    • You will only be able to trade items and gear with our WoW Carries depending on the circumstances as shared above. A regular Dungeon wipe is only focused on helping you to beat the Dungeon easily, and our team of Carries will be selected based on availability.
  • ‘Traders’ Mythic+ Dungeon Runs (extra traders)
    • By opting for this, we will give priority to recruit a team of Carries which will closely match your current character’s gear build and specs, in order to allow item trades easily.

Please note that we DO NOT guarantee any specific item drops for this WoW Package. If you wish to acquire an item of your desired ilevel, you can also consider our Shadowlands Fast Gearing Boost instead.

Why should you buy Shadowlands Mythic+ Dungeon Boosts from Leprestore?

If you have never bought any WoW Boosts before, then you are surely missing out on a lot of progress already.

Not everyone has enough time and space to spend daily hours grinding non-stop in WoW, and that is why Leprestore is here to help you out.

Boasting eight (8) years of credible boosting services in the industry, we have completed more than 100,000 in-game boosts to date! You can even check out some of our buyer reviews to justify our reputation as a trusted boosting service platform too.

With Leprestore, you are assured of:

    • Our team of WoW Boosters and Carries rank highly in WoW’s rankings and leaderboards, ensuring that they know exactly what they are doing when completing your orders.
    • We are focused on completing our Boost orders as effective and fast as possible, wasting no time for dabble to allow you to get whatever you want, whenever you want them.
    • Feel free to drop us a request for a Livestream session of your Boost orders too! We welcome you as our esteemed client, and are more than happy to share any in-game progress with you or your friends as well.
    • Depending on which Boost package that you are opting for, every loot of gear, weapons and items will not be disturbed by our Boosters, leaving those treasures for you to enjoy once the whole order is completed.

Leprestore is the Best WoW Boost Platform Ever!

With profound boosting experiences for WoW since Mists of Pandaria, not many other WoW Boost platforms are capable of producing top-notch results as satisfactory as ours. Capable of completing almost any WoW-related orders and requests, Leprestore should always be the first thing that comes to mind every time you venture forth into the world of Azeroth again.



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