Online gambling is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Unfortunately, with the growing popularity of paypal casinos not on gamstop and all gambling entertainment options, the number of people with gambling problems is also increasing. According to reports from the National Health Service in the UK, approximately 400,000 people in the country have a gambling addiction and need specialist help.

The negative impact of gambling is not a new phenomenon. One of the main reasons why people continue to deal with it is that players cannot accept gambling as just a means of entertainment.

But today, there are tools aimed at combating the adverse effects of gambling and controlling the situation. One of these tools is precisely gamstop.

What is it?

Gamstop is a player self-exclusion program designed to help gambling addicts. All participating online venues allow players to limit their participation in online gambling or to completely block or partially limit their access to online casinos. In addition, it allows you not to get too hot and impose some limits on the player.

The prospect of being blocked at all online casinos to most seems too drastic a measure, so many players are in no hurry to join the program.

In general, connected to the gamstop sites have their pros and cons. Below we will try to understand them and help to understand the impact of this program on the entire industry.

Gamstop – advantages for the player

Gamstop is a great tool for those who have gambling problems and want to limit the time they spend in online casinos.

It is a completely free program that works with all UK Gambling Commission licensed sites. Thus, every regulated casino on the British market is part of gamstop. Previously, it was possible to choose whether or not to participate in the program, but now participation is mandatory for anyone who wants to use a UK regulator’s license.

Gamstop allows you to choose the length of your exemption. The minimum period is six months and the maximum is five years, which is great for those who want to quit gambling for good.

Gamstop – disadvantages for the player

Although the program is undoubtedly very useful, it is worth noting its disadvantages. First, the duration of the self-exclusion: it cannot be less than six months, so if you just want a little break from the casino, say, a couple of weeks, gamstop will not help you with this. Also, after the first six months, you can either extend the agent no wager restriction period to a year or choose a maximum of five years. There is no third option, unfortunately.

The second disadvantage of the program is that it applies strictly to platforms licensed by the Gambling Commission. Players can simply switch to platforms registered in other countries – many of them accept players from the UK and do not impose any restrictions.

Finally, other people can also enter you into the program: they only need to provide basic personal information such as your name, zip code, email address, and date of birth. What’s worse, you won’t be able to remove the lockout until it expires – if you didn’t plan to self-exclude, that could be a very unpleasant situation.

So does gamstop only affect players?

No, gamstop is just as capable of affecting the industry as it is the players themselves. For example, some platforms have to cooperate with the self-healing program in order to get a license from the regulator. But not everyone wants to be restricted in anything, especially when it comes to games. Therefore, such cooperation has a negative impact on the industry itself, because it leads to an exodus of users from some operators.

However, from a broader perspective, if players don’t go to one casino, they will come to another, which means the industry isn’t really losing but gaining. So players who used to play games, but became addicted and stopped playing forever, can now continue their favorite pastime but put certain restrictions on themselves.

Considering the category of people who come just to have fun, they may not be too hot, if they suddenly start losing, and have a chance to put restrictions on a certain betting limit and not be afraid for their own finances. That way they can come here all the time.

And in general, if a gambler left one operator because of restrictions related to gamstop, he will definitely visit another resource without such restrictions. Such a transition will ensure the growth of popularity of the other platform, which will create more competition between these two casinos with different policies. And we all know that competition is the engine of progress, so much a confrontation will provide the two sites with definitely more motivation to improve and offer their users more favorable conditions for games than before.


Gamstop has definitely not hurt the industry, but it has made it more flexible and able to help a certain category of players continue to play and have fun. So it turns out that the program is able to build restrictions for players, but it helps the industry because thanks to it, a lot more people want to play gambling because they do not have to worry about their personal money.

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