Lotteries are big both business and big fun. So, it’s no wonder that gamers and leisure gamblers are spoilt for choice. The great beauty of the modern internet is that players aren’t limited to the lotteries in their country. With a web connection anyone can mostly play any lottery anywhere in the world. Players are spoilt for choice, but which are best?

You could assume that the game or site with the best chances of winning should always be the first choice. That’s not necessarily true, especially if you’re playing for the sheer enjoyment of playing. We should also look at the range of services, pay in options, pay out terms, and which lotteries you can play.

Top Pick: Lottoland

Lottoland has only been around for a few years but it’s already become a household name. The online Lotto at Lottoland is also making waves right here in New Zealand and for good reason. The site makes available all lotteries for you to play no matter where you are in the world. Do you want to play the UK National Lottery one week and the American Powerball the next? No problem, because Lottoland has it covered. We particularly recommend playing the Swedish Lotto through their site as this game has the strongest chance of winning.

The Lotter

The previous king of the online lottery world before Lottoland came along, it’s still a great choice for most players. You can play on up to 45 online lottos, although this is down from 50 a few years ago. Play some of the biggest names in the lottery such as Megamillions and EuroMillions from anywhere. They buy your ticket for you and you’re good to go! Some players are drawn to the choice of boosting the chance of winning in a syndicate. There is a smaller chance of winning than you would with Lottoland, and you must claim your prizes in person which can be a major restriction.


Lottoagent was founded in 2010. In real terms, that makes it an old stalwart of the online lottery world. But don’t let its age fool you; Lottoagent has agents in North America and Europe, offering some of the best lotto experiences available. It offers non-Americans access to state lotteries with a small range of the larger national lotteries such as EuroMillions and the Spanish Christmas lottery El Gordo (the fat one). One the downside, Lottoagent’s website has no mobile version. Also, you cannot play as a syndicate which is a growing demand for online lotto players.


The name is a bit of an exaggeration, but WinTrillions remains a good choice for many players. The main reason is its comprehensive range of games and broad range of ways to play. It’s one of a few that offers the choice of syndicate play and one of a few with a choice of international raffles draws. Those two issues work in its favour. On the downside, there is not a large range of games compared to some of the other sites here and it still doesn’t offer scratch card games, unlike Lottoland.

Another big name and one trusted by many users, deserves its reputation as one of the powerhouses. The main reason is its large number of payment options. Not just Mastercard and Visa, but some emerging payment methods too such as Moneta. They’ve recently started accepting PayPal too. There are multiple downsides though. It’s not ideal for withdrawing the large cash prizes associated with most lotteries. For that, you’ll need to contact the site and go through some stringent safety checks. When you’ve won millions on a major lottery, that’s quite frustrating.


Lotto247 is a great choice for many people who don’t mind having the number of available lotteries restricted. It’s an odd choice of name for an online lotto provider that doesn’t have many lotteries. Nevertheless, the lotteries it does offer are chosen from the world’s biggest offering the largest prizes. If that’s all you want, then Lotto247 does the job brilliantly. It is a popular site because it offers far more than just lotteries. Players enjoy a house raffle and Keno (a popular American lottery game). On the down side, it’s never clear how much you’re going to win. The site has a frustrating and complex tiered pay out option.



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