Finding a niche is pretty easy for any business, but having a much larger reach is the real road to increasing revenues and ultimately profit. It’s the main reason why big businesses spend millions on advertising each year, and the chief driver for expanding into new markets. If your business is based on selling a particular product or service, reaching new customers is essential to your growth.

In the world of gambling, the name of the game is attracting new players. Land-based casinos and bookmakers that don’t have any customers in them are on the road to failure, and getting people through the door requires a mixture of conditions that is often the result of plenty of hard work from a variety of marketing departments, and of course a lot of money spent on advertising. Even then, physical casinos may not live up to everyone’s expectations, or cater to the tastes of certain customers – and problems can soon occur if reputations aren’t either built or maintained. That’s because they’re literally a one-size-fits-all solution.

Convenient and immersive gaming


Fortunately for players, online casinos are more personalised to the preferences of every type of player – because they feature every imaginable game and can be played at the player’s convenience, whether they’re at home or on the move.

Online casinos today also better resemble the true, immersive experience of real-life gambling than ever before, and can be accessed on a range of devices, catering for a much larger section of the population.

Online casinos go a long way to make sure table games are diverse and interesting compared to the games you’ll find in a casino, with things like customisable tables and even live casino, featuring video-fed dealers that create a much more immersive online experience.

Live casino has been a revolution in online casino. Until it came along, casino games lacked that human, personal touch – and that’s live casino’s biggest asset. The chance to communicate live with dealers and competitors on poker, blackjack or roulette tables bridges the gap even further between virtual and physical casinos. This in turn caters for gambling enthusiasts who love the experience of playing at casinos as much as – if not more than – the casino games themselves.

This huge choice of games types and features ensure that different demands are met, and create an online experience that has plenty of replay value with each visit.

Catering for players’ every whim

Gambling on smart devices is way easier than having to head to a ‘real’ casino

There’s no doubt that land-based casinos are still popular. Las Vegas and Macau both attracted over 40 million visitors last year, and the UK still has over 100 licensed casinos. But a land-based casino still has a few major flaws over online operators.

However, as well as actually having to physically leave home, getting to a casino can be a bit of a pain, especially if you live in a territory or area that doesn’t have or even allow casinos. Apart from that, you’ll need to organise transport, pay for food and drinks if you want to make a night of it – and in some cases you’ll need to fork out for entrance and membership fees. If you’ve ever been to a casino on a weekend in the UK or Las Vegas, you’ll also be up against people have been drinking alcohol, and even lots of shouting or noise. This isn’t always up everyone’s street.

Online casinos cut out all of these potentially unwanted added extras by allowing gamblers to access the same table games and slots that you’d find in a casino, albeit perfectly accessible from the couch, journey to work, bed, or even at work if you don’t mind getting sacked. This also means that players don’t need to wait for a free evening to head to the casino, or indeed wait for the casino itself to open.

There’s also the fact that 90% of adults in the UK have access to some sort of smart device or mobile phone. Accessing online casinos is way easier now too thanks to app stores now allowing access to real-money gambling apps, allowing users to simply install their favoured provider’s app and start gambling within minutes.

A better tailored experience through slot games

The range of slots on offer at online casinos is way bigger than the range you’ll find in most physical casinos

If you’ve ever been to Caesar’s Palace, you’ll understand why some people love it and some people hate it. Over-the-top in every aspect, this weird Disneyland for adults is a mish-mash of themes, bars, outdoor areas and décor that is a true assault on the senses, and when it comes to game choice, you’re surprisingly limited on the main gaming floor.

This is where online casinos really provide a much better selection of not just games, but themes, styles, and website formats that will certainly appeal to a much wider audience. One casino staple that usually provides plenty of variety in physical casinos is the slot machine, and virtual slots take this even further.

A trip to an online casino is a great starting point for any casino enthusiast taking the first step online, but it’s their slot selection that is a great example of just how diverse selections can be for visitors of all tastes. The range of themes you’ll find out there is quite incredible, and every single slot is geared towards and exciting experience for players, as you’ll see by checking out the range of engaging online slots at 888 casino.

The best slots available at online casinos

While some slots are broadly aimed at gamblers who already have a love for one armed bandits – others use more sophisticated means to reach their audience. Themed games are a great way for online casinos to appeal to players who previously would never have considered taking a punt. Here are some examples.

Millionaire Genie: Appealing to fans of the ancient world, this slot is taken straight from the pages of 1,001 Nights – revising the ancient tales in stunning fashion for this brilliant 5-reel slot game. After selecting the number of coins they wish to wager and their paylines, players can explore an immersive, enchanting treasure cave, with spell books, magic keys and a genie lamp unlocking coin wins. Even better for admirers of Middle-Eastern culture, there’s a pretty authentic soundtrack playing in the background.

City Life: This hugely popular slot game is aimed at fans of action films – particularly Asian movies. With manga-like animations and a story involving shifty-looking cops and cigar-chomping gangsters, City Life has all the ingredients of a classic Asian street story.

The Big Lebowski: This cult classic is brought to the slot gaming world, appealing to fans of this hugely popular film from 1998. The entire story behind this slot chronicles the Dude’s adventures in LA. There’s a bowling theme across the 5 reels and 25 paylines, and wild symbols featuring all the key characters from the film – including Donny, Maude and Walter Jesus.

Generous introductory offers and free games

Online casinos often offer generous introductory offers that appeal to different types of people, for example by offering a cash incentive for depositing or even free games for those who aren’t totally in it for the money. This flexibility allows online casinos to provide offers that can reach a wider audience, and go way beyond what a physical casinos with lower profit margins can achieve.

Catering for everyone can be tough, but online casinos are well placed, even just thanks to the fact that they’re so easy to find an access. The tough part is actually continuing to gain customers, but the flexibility to develop new games relatively quickly or even change the site’s style without the work you’d need at physical casino allows them to be even more dynamic, and constantly matching their customers’ evolving needs and expectations.