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by Jason Shomer

I’m selfish.

Not all the time. In fact, I usually don’t even notice when I’m in the room. When I’m making a reservation at a restaurant, I sometimes forget to count myself in the number of people dining.

No, when it comes to selfishness, I’m talking about my love for new technology. When I read about some new innovation on the horizon, I don’t think about how amazing this might be for our society. I don’t think how incredibly helpful this could be for the planet. No, what I’m thinking is: how is this going to make my life easier? What new toy can I get in my hands…and how long do I have to wait for it?

In a nutshell, I’m a tech junkie. Not the kind that needs to buy everything the SECOND it comes out. No Early Adopter here. I just need to KNOW about it.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m like this. I think it’s ‘cause I’m part of the Atari Generation. Really cool technology started picking up speed exactly when I was old enough to appreciate it…and I’ve been tracking the progression ever since.

A little while ago, I was sitting on my couch, reading about a new invention and I wanted to tell someone about it! At this point I would usually tell my wife, but quite honestly, I’m starting to think her robotic nodding and “mmm-hmm’s,” are not very sincere. My kids are too young (4 and 2) and all they want to do is build a fort (of which I gladly partake when I can).

Catalin Alexandru Duru

Catalin Alexandru Duru

So, why not write about it? You…right now…reading this…great! You’re just what I need!

Let me tell you what Catalin Alexandru Duru has just done… The guy has been developing a real HOVERBOARD. (Yes, those of you around my age JUST pictured Michael J. Fox escaping from Biff’s grandson on that pink thing.) Well, not only has Duru finished developing his prototype…he just broke the Guinness Book World Record for longest distance on a hoverboard (how is that a thing?)!

The coolest thing about this hoverboard prototype is that it can go over water (something Marty Mcfly found impossible). In fact, the record was broken over Quebec’s Lake Ouareau. The guy traveled over 900 feet and got to a height of over 16 ft! Duru claims that his hoverboard can reach dangerous heights, which is why he was testing this over water in the first place.

I want to go to there

I want to go to there

Duru isn’t the only one developing a hoverboard. There’s a California-based company that’s using the power of electromagnets to get theirs off the ground. Duru, however, uses built-in propeller power…which is why his can not only reach incredible heights, but travel over water.

I’ll end with the question that always comes to mind after reading about such a cool innovation: what does this mean for me?

Based on the fact that I’ve never been able to stand on a real skateboard for more than 5 seconds, I’m not convinced I’ll be heading to the post office on a new Pitbull any time soon. But the technology’s expansion has countless possibilities. How’s about hoverchairs? I can see myself on one of those. Hoverjetskiis? Yes, please. Pretty much anything “hover-something I don’t need to balance on,” will be cool.

Ok, I’m off to build a fort. Thanks for helping me feel a little less selfish.

Our latest pillow fort. Now, imagine this as a Hover-Fort!

Our latest pillow fort. Now, imagine this as a Hover-Fort!

Jason Shomer is a writer, actor, part-time stay at home dad, part-time waiter who enjoys uncomfortable short walks on the beach.