If you thought the Dance wasn’t dancin’ before, after the events of Rook’s Rest, it sure is now. 

House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 5 Predictions

House of the Dragon Season 2 now barrels headfirst into its second half, with Season 2 Episode 5 addressing the aftermath of that fateful battle in “The Red Dragon and the Gold.” Based on the promo, we might see the extent of Aegon’s injuries, a King’s Landing in chaos, Jace taking the reins and Alys continuing to keep Daemon locked in his haunted house of horrors. 

However, elements from Fire & Blood, our favorite Targaryen compendium, could make it into episode five. The series has loosely adhered to the source material (which is, in itself, potentially unreliable), but it has taken onscreen liberties. 

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While we wait in breathless anticipation for the next episode, I’ve got a list of six predictions that might come to pass. As always, the night is dark and full of spoilers from Fire & Blood, so proceed at your peril. 

Aemond Will Be Named Prince Regent While Aegon Recovers

Aemond Targaryen sits at the small council table in the Red Keep with his hand resting against his chin and a smirk on his face on House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 4, "The Red Dragon and the Gold."

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 Episode 4, “The Red Dragon and the Gold.” Photo credit: Ollie Upton/HBO.

Hey, remember that time when Aemond (Ewan Mitchell) barbecued Aegon (Tom Glynn-Carney) and Sunfyre (the best golden boy in Westeros)? Like his hero, Daemon (Matt Smith), Aemond has always craved power, and after taking his brother off the chessboard, he’ll finally taste it. 

In Fire & Blood, Criston (Fabien Frankel) tells Aemond that he must rule in Aegon’s stead while the latter recovers (which will take several months). Thus, Aemond styles himself as Prince Regent and Protector of the Realm while Criston remains Hand of the King. Part of me hopes to get this Aemond line in the episode: “It [the crown] looks better on me than it ever did on him.” 

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Circling back to Aegon, I wonder if Alicent (Olivia Cooke) and Larys (Matthew Needham) will keep him on a steady diet of milk of the poppy to prolong his convalescence. We know he’ll need quite a bit of it due to his injuries. However, these two might want to keep him out of the way (and prevent rash decision-making) for as long as possible. Hell, if Otto (Rhys Ifans) returns to the Red Keep (we hear his voice in the episode five promo), maybe he’ll suggest it himself. 

The Flaunting of the Heads (and the Fleeing of the People)

Alicent Hightower wears a green dress and matching veil while looking scared as she runs through the streets of King's Landing in broad daylight.

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2. Photo credit: Theo Whitman/HBO.

You’ve undoubtedly seen Meleys’s head being carted through King’s Landing in the promo for episode five. This is plucked from the pages of Fire & Blood. However, we’ll also see Lord Staunton’s (Michael Elwyn) head mounted above the Old Gate as a warning.

If you recall, Staunton serves on Rhaenyra’s (Emma D’Arcy) small council. After the smallfolk glimpse the massive head of Meleys, they flee King’s Landing in droves. At one point, Alicent orders the city gates closed. My guess is all the running we see in this trailer is from that scene — the chaos of the smallfolk attempting to leave. 

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Jace’s Campaigning Will Pay Off 

Jacaerys Velaryon and Cregan Stark stand on the Wall as snow blows around them on House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 1, "A Son for a Son."

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 Episode 1, “A Son for a Son.” Photo credit: Ollie Upton/HBO.

In “The Red Dragon and the Gold,” Rhaenyra finally tells Jace (Harry Collett) about The Song of Ice and Fire. Based on the promo for episode five, this emboldens him to act. We see him with Vermax (our beautiful green baby) in The Twins as Daemon attempts to corral the Riverlords into adding their levies to Team Black. Jace’s campaigning in the North — his treating with Cregan Stark (Tom Taylor) in episode one — will bear fruit. 

According to Fire & Blood, the aftermath of Rook’s Rest sees men gather in Winterfell, White Harbor, Barrowton, Sisterton, Gulltown and the Gates of the Moon. Sure, Team Green got a head start on amassing their fighters, but don’t count Team Black out yet. (Of course, hopefully, Daeron shows up in Season 3 along with Oldtown to play a part in the Dance.) 

Tensions Will Mount Between Rhaenyra and Corlys 

Corlys Velaryon stands next to a table with food in a room that's lit by glowing torches.

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2. Photo credit: Ollie Upton/HBO.

The display of heartbreak in episode five is inevitable. Corlys (Steve Toussaint) has lost his other half, and the toll it will take on him is immeasurable. In the book, Corlys blames Rhaenyra for Rhaenys’s (Eve Best) death. “It should have been you,” he says. I think we’ll see them clash briefly in episode five. Both will be grief-stricken, and I hope the outing lets us sit with their grief. War is hell; it’s unremitting loss. 

Eventually, though, Corlys returns to the fight, playing an invaluable role in the battles to come. Speaking of which…

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Jace Will Name Corlys Hand of the Queen 

I can see this happening toward the end of the episode. Jace’s participation in the Dance deepens significantly following Rook’s Rest, and in Fire & Blood, he names Corlys the Hand of the Queen to Rhaenyra. Then, he and the Sea Snake plan an assault on King’s Landing (but more on that later). 

We’ll See the Start of the Sowing of the Seeds

A photo of a dragon roaring as it flies through the night sky.

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2. Photo courtesy of HBO.

One of my favorite parts of the Dance is “the Sowing of the Seeds,” or “the Red Sowing.” Spearheaded by Jace, Team Black tries to find dragonseeds to claim the riderless dragons in the Dragonmont. This includes a mixture of dragons with former riders and the wild beasts roaming said Dragonmont. Out of the tamer creatures, we have Seasmoke (formerly belonging to Laenor), Vermithor (the mount of King Jaehaerys) and Silverwing (ridden by Queen Alysanne). 

Then, we’ve got the wild little fellas: Cannibal, the largest and oldest of the wild dragons. According to Fire & Blood, he feasts on the carcasses of his fallen dragon brethren. Sheepstealer loves his mutton. Lastly, there’s Grey Ghost, who has a taste for fish. He’s also quite shy around humans. 

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If you’ve read the book, you know which dragonseeds claim these dragons. I feel like the Sowing will last at least two episodes. We have to see certain characters get burnt to a crisp while trying to mount the dragons while others successfully find their winged mates. Speaking of successful dragonseeds, Nettles, one of my favorite characters from the book, appears to be out of the running entirely. I hope this isn’t true, but we’ll see how the show adapts the Sowing. 

This is a crucial aspect of the Dance and dramatically influences future notable events. 

What are your predictions for House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 5? Sound off in the comments below. 

House of the Dragon airs Sundays at 9 PM on HBO and Max.

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