The holiday season is upon us, so it’s time to set your sights on the ragged, oftentimes terrifying terrain of holiday gift shopping. If you’ve got a House of the Dragon fan in your realm, you’ll find some ideas here on what to buy them. 

Below, you’ll spot everything from mugs and cups to shirts and necklaces. Whether you’ve got a rogue prince or a princess of Dragonstone on your list, we’ve got a selection of only the finest in small business goods for the dragonrider in your life. 

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A shirt from RedBubble that says "Team Black" in white letters with outlines of Daemon Targaryen, Rhaenyra Targaryen, Jacaerys Velaryon, Rhaena Targaryen and Lucerys Velaryon on a black background.

If you’re going to be a high-profile resident of the Red Keep, why not dress like one? This t-shirt from the-quote-boy on Redbubble is perfect for the dragonrider who swears fealty to Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen. Perhaps they’re not Team Black (I won’t begrudge them for it) and are fans of a certain one-eyed prince. Obviously, this Aemond shirt would suit their tastes. 

Maybe your House of the Dragon lover finds more kinship among dragons than people. To be fair, people are pretty messy. This white t-shirt from Etsy seller PurpleBirdCo lists eight dragons among the Targaryen/Velaryon clan: Syrax, Caraxes, Vhagar, Seasmoke, Meleys, Dreamfyre, Sunfyre, Vermax and Arrax (RIP). If they’re a Vermithor or Silverwing fan, they might have to wait until Season 2 for merch.

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For all the Daemon Targaryen fans (a.k.a. the messiest dragon boy in all of Westeros), this vintage-style t-shirt features the rogue prince next to one of his best quotes: “He can keep his tongue.” And if your dragonrider fancies themself the Master of Driftmark, might I suggest this House Velaryon shirt from Etsy? Lastly, this green House Hightower sweatshirt is ideal for driving away the winter blues.


A white mug from Etsy that says, "Team Viserys I" with Ben Affleck dressed as Viserys Targaryen while holding a cigarette and looking defeated.

Did anyone look as defeated as Viserys Targaryen in Season 1 of House of the Dragon? (The answer is a resounding “no.”) If your dragonrider frequents Twitter, they’ve stumbled upon the popular Ben Affleck meme featuring the actor dressed as Viserys while holding a cigarette and looking like his stress levels are through the roof. Fear not, for this mug from Etsy seller Rwarner Prints is grand for any Viserys fan with a sense of humor. 

Perhaps your dragonrider needs a goblet worthy of the House Targaryen motto: “Fire and blood.” This stainless steel goblet features the Targaryen house motto with dragon scales, dragon busts and a dragon egg on the stem with a dark crimson three-headed dragon sigil. It’s perfect for playing the game of thrones. 

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This heat-activated mug from AstralRealmArtistry boasts a dragon breathing fire with the text “Dracarys, Motherf*cker” above it. When you fill it with a hot beverage, the dragon, fire and text appear. Your dragonrider will feel motivated to kick ass after sipping from this mug that only the blood of the dragon can wield. 


House of the Dragon poster featuring a gold three-headed dragon on a black background with lyrics from Valar Morghulis Rock Opera.

If your dragonrider is a Valar Morghulis Rock Opera fan, they’re in luck! This Etsy poster features lyrics that talk of the Song of Ice and Fire prophecy, just as it was foretold long before Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow’s time. Maybe your House of the Dragon fan bows down before the Realm’s Delight, a.k.a. Rhaenyra. This gorgeous print on Etsy features Rhaenyra with Syrax and the text, “The Realm’s Delight, Princess of Dragonstone.” 

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For the Team Green lover in your life, this breathtaking print of Alicent Hightower looking lost and forlorn will undoubtedly adorn their wall. This print with a popular Daemon quote, “Dreams didn’t make us kings, dragons did,” is a stark reminder of why Targaryens stand out from the other houses in the realm. 


A silver necklace with a three-headed dragon on a thin chain.

Maybe your dragonrider loves delicate jewelry like this beautiful necklace from Etsy. It’s a simple statement piece — a silver three-headed dragon on a thin chain — but it’s the superb accessory for any Targaryen fan. These Rhaenyra-inspired spiky gold hoop earrings are optimal for reclaiming the throne your half-brother unjustly usurped. Speaking of the Realm’s Delight, this stunning necklace and earring set is replicated after what Rhaenyra wore in the season premiere. This House of the Dragon bracelet seems to tell the story of Season 1 via charms. Some might call it … charming. 

There you have it: a gift guide that’ll help you find a gift fit for a dragonrider of House Targaryen. What’s on your holiday shopping list this year? Sound off in the comments!

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