It would be an understatement to say there’s a lot of hype around the new season of House of Cards, which hit Netflix today with an all-new season 5. But it’s been over 15 months since the last season, and most of us are going to need a refresher of what happened last season before jumping in to Season 5. This recap will jog your memory in two minutes, so you’re not spending all of season 5 going, “wait, who’s that again?”

Thanks to for putting this video together. Here’s a cheat sheet of 10 things you need to know from the video for House of Cards Season 5!
  1. Claire almost tanked Frank’s campaign with the release of a well-timed family photo
  2. Meechum gave his life to save Frank, and, in the process, killed Lucas (who never did get a chance to avenge poor Zoe’s death)
  3. Claire’s mother, Elizabeth, made the ultimate sacrifice so her daughter could win over the American public when she asked Claire to mercy kill her.
  4. Yates and Claire had a steamy, emotional affiar, but Frank was cool with it.
  5. Doug caught a major case of feelings after pushing Frank to the top of the liver transplant list, costing an innocent family man his life (this was after he almost suffocated a man with a drinking glass).
  6. Conway worked with Frank in hopes of ending a terrorist hostage situation, only to have Frank stab Conway in the back. 
  7. Remy and Jackie drove off into the sunset together, and for a moment, everything was beautiful
  8. The DNC tried to beat Frank at his own game by opening up free nominations for a presidential nominee after he used open nominations to get Claire on his ticket.
  9. Tom wrote the mother of all exposés on the Underwood administration—right before Frank gave a speech that will still be giving Americans nightmares in Season 5. A chilling statement like “we make the terror” is hard to forget.
  10. Frank and Claire leveraged the intense hostage situation of an American family to send the US to war with Ahmadi and ICO, so they could hold onto their power through a national crisis. Most terrifying couple ever!