The Hotline 2 slot game is an excellent choice for 18+ online casino gamers from Canada. It also offers the opportunity to up your game and a chance for big returns. This explains why the reels can get a spin from as little as $0.30 coins but way up to $150.00 coins. While the storyline is immersive, Hotline 2 has features that take you straight into the game and have chances to win big money. For example, the auto-spin feature lets your spins to be recycled until you win the bonus game such as free spins.

Hotline 2 slot machine is the latest offering from online casino game prowider Netent, and it is a sequel to 1st version Hotline slot that became extremely popular for its; Miami Vice’ theme. The Hotline 2 Miami Vice theme with its retro twilight backdrop depicting the 80s. The new game has been able to leave a profound impact on the online players and Hotline fans with stories such a Miami Vice, A-Team, Night Rider, and Dukes of Hazard.

The new slot machine is all about exciting and never-ending car chase with plenty of humour and cheesy dialogue thrown in. The detective duo Rivera and Quinn are out to teach the baddies of the land, especially the devious Kitty Weiss, who has just committed a daring robbery in a jewellery store. 

After the release of Cash Noire in June 2020, Hotline 2 is another slot game from Netent that is all focused on car chases.

However, Hotline 2 has more striking features than those in the 1st Hotline version. Let’s look at these basics:

  • Paylines:5 reels and 3 rows
  • RTP and:05%
  • Variance:Medium variance
  • Maximum win:More than 5,000x
  • Betting range:From $&€0.30 to $&€150
  • Bonus features:Free spins, Hotline Bonus Bet, expanding reels, and expanding wilds


The main game has 243 ways to mark a win, thanks to the 5 reels that have three symbols each. The three main characters Quinn, Rivera, and Kitty Weiss are high-paying symbols while jewellery pieces are low-paying symbols.

The objective of the spin is to get wilds on the hotline. If it indeed happens, the wild gets stacked up on the reel. Here, the reel acts as the real hotspot. You can find a car driving on the reel. This makes the reel more of a hot reel’. But a hotline can be vertical as well. And, a hot reel does not sound as convincing as hotline’. That’s where our slot gets its name from.

  • You can bet at 3 levels as it was with the original Hotline slot.
  • Reel 3 becomes the Hotline in the base bet.
  • Reels 3 and 4 become the Hotline in the Double Bet, and the bet gets doubled.
  • Reels 2, 3, and 4 become the Hotline in the Triple Bet, and the bet gets tripled.
  • Clearly enough, when you play the triple bet, you get the maximum action. This gets you higher wins thanks to more winning combos. But it has a steep price.
  • The bet starts 30 cents for a minimum. If you go for the Triple Bet, you are betting 90 cents on each spin. This may be a bit high for some average players.
  • Free spins get activated by three scatters. If your spin gets 3 scatters over the middle reels, you are awarded with 7 free spins.

You can also buy the free spins at any time see picture:

Bonus win
  • As the reels expand, you get free spins as a bonus.
  • This becomes really exciting. Assuming you go for the maximum kill by choosing the triple bet, reels 2, 3, and 4 become the hotlines.
  • If luck favors, one of these reels may get a wild. This makes the reel expand by one symbol along with making the entire reel fully wild. Another round of wilds and your reel may expand to 6 symbols. If you reach this milestone, you are rewarded with 2 additional free spins.
  • If things go in your favor and you are able to expand all the 3 reels – 2, 3, and 4 – to 6 symbols, the number of ways you can win in your remaining free spins grows to 1,944.
  • Hotline 2 slot game offers a payout percentage of 96.05.
  • Volatility or variance of Hotline 2 is medium.

Although in principle, you have a chance of winning more than 5,000x, the odds do not back this strongly. The volatility is in the medium range that makes the top wins liable to fall between 300x and 500x.

  • If you can enjoy the 80s backdrop, Hotline 2 will regale you no end Expanding reels and the possibility of 1,944 ways to mark your win makes it more exciting than Hotline
  • Wins between 150x and 500x have stronger odds
  • The theme may look repetitive with Hotline
  • You need to go for the Triple Bet if you are looking at the maximum win potential and full excitement of the game
  • If you activate Triple Bet, the minimum bet becomes 90 cents for each spin. This may be substantial for some players  

Will you like it?

If you have appreciated and liked the online casino game Hotline, you are going to like Hotline 2 even more. It has much improved features with the same 80s theme. However, there is no change in the variance level, which is still ‘Medium’ in this improved version of Hotline. A high variance Hotline 2 slot would have been a more thrilling experience. 

Final thoughts on Hotline 2 Slot

Overall, the Hotline 2 slot is an exciting sequel to Hotline from Netent. With 5-reel and 3-row, it offers 243 ways to mark your win. The minimum bet is a meager 0.30 coin per spin. The game revolves around 3 Hotlines. When a wild lands on a hotline, it expands and makes the reel completely wild. The game is inspired by Miami Vice as the original Hotline is. What’s more? The hotlines also get expanded by free spins, and this takes the ways you can win a game to a whopping 1,944. Each spin carries the possibility of winning 5,184x. 

Hotline 2 has all the action, thrill, and fun with an immersive storyline. It shows two ace investigators on the hot trail of femme fatale Kitty Weiss who is the master criminal fresh from a jewelry shop heist in the center of Miami. In essence, it is about money, multiple wins, and Miami. The scatter is portrayed as neon pink flamingo – a cool Miami Vice. It’s a great new slot machine with a good deal of high-quality software, however it is not a normal game for people under 18, but if you over 18+ and from Canada. You are likely going to enjoy it.























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