Hello, horror lovers! Welcome to another edition of Horror With a Side of Cheese. If you are new to the column, I will quickly explain. I am on a search to find the cheesiest horror movies ever made. I discuss my latest findings every month on the first and third Fridays. While discussing the film, I rate it on a scale of one to five cheese slices. Factors include the story, acting, dialog, effects and re-watchability. Today, I bring you (Steven Kang’sSharks of the Corn. Read all the through to find out this film’s cheese slice rating.

About Sharks of the Corn

In this spoof of Stephen King’s Children of the Corn, great white sharks have infested the sprawling cornfields of Druid Hills, Kentucky. On top of the victims piling up from shark attacks, a murderer roams the town.

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A local police officer discovers the serial killer during a routine traffic stop. From there, the madness only escalates. Shark guardians, a shark goddess, more murder, nudity, and transformations. The insanity is vast and the killing has only begun.

The stars of Sharks of the Corn include Shannon Stockin, Ford Windstar, Steve Guynn, Casey Miracle, Todd Martin and Thomas Kindler. The film was written and directed by Tim Ritter.

A killer in a shark mask stares into a mirror covered in photos and paper

This film does not appear on Rotten Tomatoes. On IMDb, it has 1.8 stars out of 10.

My Thoughts

When I first saw someone talking about Sharks of the Corn, I thought it had to be a joke. I was wrong. Going into the film, I had no idea what to expect. The film is an obvious parody of Stephen King‘s story Children of the Corn, but parodies can take several different approaches. If you are looking for a spoof horror that takes itself a little too seriously and provides a wealth of laughter, this is your movie.

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The first thing I want to talk about is the story. As a parody, I feel it is necessary to compare it with the movie it is spoofing. The stories, on the surface, are nothing alike. However, when you dig a little deeper, the similarities are there. For example, in Children of the Corn, the kids follow a being they refer to as He Who Walks Behind the Rows. In Sharks of the Corn, the murderer uses supernatural ties with sharks to worship a shark goddess. There are similar characters trying to determine what is happening in the town. The list goes on, but it is important to note that it takes some dedication to find all of the connections.

As for the cheesiness of the story, there are sharks “swimming” in corn fields, acting as guardians to the human killer’s dumping ground. Do I really need to say more?

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The dialog kept me in stitches throughout the film. At one point, a character states that they know what a shark looks like because they keep seeing them in the cornfields! Gems like that are scattered throughout the film. The dialog is one of the primary sources of comedy, as it should be in a good cheesy horror.

A shark swims through the corn.

As for the effects, they drip with cheesy goodness. The supposed body parts lying around after a shark attack look like they came straight from a dollar store. The fake plastic look is glaring. However, I don’t want realistic effects in my cheesy horror. Also, I am convinced that the prop used for the closeups of the shark going through the corn is the same plastic hand puppet I had as a child. Which I am here for.

The acting is just the cheesy side of overdone. The killer and the cop manage to reach the perfect level of overacting. Also, it is massively impressive that the actors can say the ridiculous lines with a straight face, so kudos to them.

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As for re-watchability, Sharks of the Corn is going on my regular rotation of cheesy horror films. It has everything I could possibly want. It also doesn’t hurt that I am a huge fan of Children of the Corn and see this movie as an epic, cheesy homage.

I am giving this film 4.75 cheese slices! If you want a serious horror movie, look elsewhere, but if you want cheesy goodness, you can’t go wrong with this film.

Before you go, check out the trailer for Sharks of the Corn below, then head to the comments and let me know what you think. Please also let me know if you know a cheesy horror I need to watch!

As always, stay spooky, stay cheesy, and above all, watch more horror movies.

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