Hello, horror fans! It is officially spooky AND time for a new edition of Horror with a Side of Cheese. If you are new here, allow me to explain. I am on a pursuit to find the cheesiest horror movies ever made. So, on the first and third Friday of every month, I talk about my latest find and rate it on a scale of one to five cheese slices. Several factors go into the ratings. Considerations include acting, story, re-watchability, dialog and effects. Today, I am talking about the incredibly cheesy, Evil Bong.

About Evil Bong

This movie is about exactly what you think it is. The plot revolves around an oversized, sentient, evil bong. A nerd moves into a dorm room with several stoners. Everything changes when one of the stoners orders an old bong. When the package arrives, there is something obviously different about the item, but no one suspects it is pure evil.

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Eventually, one of the guys decides to try out their new treasure. Unbeknownst to them, when someone smokes it, they enter another realm. In this realm, you start out having a great time only to end up tortured. Will they be able to escape the effects of the evil bong?

A close up of the evil bong's face

This film stars David Weidoff, John Patrick Jordan, Mitch Eakins, Brian Lloyd, Kristyn Green, Robin Sydney, Tommy Chong and Michelle Mais. Charles Band directed and wrote the story, and Domonic Muir wrote the screenplay.

Evil Bong does not have a Tomatometer Score, and its Audience Score is only 38 percent on Rotton Tomatoes.

My Thoughts

There is so much to unpack with this movie that I’m not entirely certain where to start. I can not think of a single film that is comparable to this one. By the time the credits rolled, my jaw had hit the floor several times, and I laughed uncontrollably. The most important thing I can tell people who have not seen Evil Bong yet is, do not go into it expecting a serious horror. Also, while it is meant to be comedic, most of the funniest moments are not supposed to be part of the comedy.

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Ok, I am diving in with the plot. Surprisingly, the plot is easy to follow and makes sense from beginning to end (mostly). It is imperative to understand that this fact does not mean the story is good. Of course, the simplicity of it is part of the cheesy beauty. There is no “deeper meaning” or anything of that sort. A bunch of stoners uses a bong that turns out to be alive and wants to kill them. That in and of itself is pure cheesy B horror goodness.

When discussing the plot, I think it is vital to mention one specific aspect. There are some heavily misogynistic and other problematic themes. Some reviews indicate that viewers see the bong as working to teach the boys a lesson, but even if that is the case, I don’t think those particular themes make great plot devices.

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Along the same train of thought, let’s talk about the dialog. To put it succinctly, the conversations in Evil Bong are precisely what I anticipated. There are many stereotypical conversations between the characters, and zero attempts to step outside those stereotypes.

A guy tries to destroy the bong

When it comes to the acting, there is honestly little to say other than it fits nicely under the cheesy horror umbrella. For the most part, overacting is what I want to see in this type of film, and it provides plenty of that.

On to the effects. First off, it is a B, possibly C-level horror movie. Terrible effects are expected. The strange, animated face on the evil bong is my particular favorite. Besides that little gem, the “other realm” lounge contains a wealth of cheesiness.

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Finally, re-watchability. I do not regret watching this movie, but I do not anticipate watching it again any time soon. At some point, I intend to rewatch for the sole purpose of seeing if I laugh as much the second time around.

Final Thoughts

Another cheesy horror for the archives! I encourage you to watch this once and form your own thoughts. At the least, you will get to laugh in abundance. This movie has several issues but is definitely dripping with cheese. Overall, I am giving this one a solid three cheese slices. Some say Evil Bong is unwatchable, but I dis-a-brie.

Until next time horror lovers, stay spooky, stay cheesy, and above all, watch more horror movies.

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