Fans of J-horror may be familiar with Junji Ito’s infamous Uzumaki. Released in 1998, Uzumaki follows high school student Kirie Goshima, her boyfriend Shuichi Saito and the citizens of the small, fictional Japanese town of Kurōzu-cho, which is cursed by supernatural events involving physical and psychological manifestations of spirals. It’s an intense read that’s accompanied by Ito’s gorgeously grotesque drawings. If you have a weak stomach I’d suggest skipping out on reading this. Because…it’s a lot.

However, if you are a fan of the strange and unusual, you’ll be pleased to know this bizarre little series is getting an anime adaption courtesy of Adult Swim. The adaption will be a four-part miniseries that’s directed by Hiroshi Naghama. The series will also feature an original score by Colin Stetson, who also composed the soundtrack for Hereditary. Which is oh so fitting for the literal spiral into oblivion that this series will be diving into.

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Debuting sometime in 2020, Uzumaki is set to air on the Cartoon Network programming block Toonami. You can check out the teaser below!


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