Spooky Season is here, and with it comes the desire to immerse yourself in all things creepy and macabre! I’ve always harbored an affinity for horror illustrators and find great pleasure in marveling at their talents and diving into the intricate worlds they create.

Over the years, I’ve found myself closely following the works of a handful of horror artists, especially around Halloween. Take a peek at my five favorite illustrators below, and be sure to support/purchase their creations when you can!

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Abigail Larson 

"Monster's Ball" by horror illustrator Abigail Larson

“Monster’s Ball” by Abigail Larson

My love affair with Abigail Larson‘s Gothic artwork began years ago, and her horror pieces transcend the genre, as far as I’m concerned. Larson works primarily with pencil, ink, watercolor and Photoshop to breathe life into worlds that harken back to Gothic, Victorian-era steampunk with a horrific, supernatural bent. 

I’d say Larson draws inspiration from fellow dark creators like Tim Burton, but in actuality, her style is wholly unique. It’s romantic, dreamy and downright atmospheric. Click here to purchase her work and go here to support her Patreon.

Diana Levin

Artwork by horror illustrator Diana Levin of Ghoulish Bunny Studios

Artwork by Diana Levin of Ghoulish Bunny Studios

Diana Levin is one half of Ghoulish Bunny Studios, which “features the dark and whimsical artwork of Diana Levin and scary stories by Shawn Givens.” Levin’s artwork melds horror and cuteness to create genuinely original art, from “hauntingly beautiful” to “creepy cute.” I own a few pieces by Levin, and they’re perfect for any Halloween/horror lover.

From black and white sketches to pen and ink drawings and vibrantly colorful macabre creations, Levin takes us on a journey into adorable darkness. You can go here to follow her blog, where she breaks down her process. Additionally, click here to shop for Ghoulish Bunny Studios’ products and support their Patreon

Iren Horrors

"Cozy Sabbath" by horror illustrator Iren Horrors

“Cozy Sabbath” by Iren Horrors

Iren Horrors derives inspiration from many sources, including Abigail Larson. Her lush, Gothic style ranges from darkly horrific to embracing Halloween aesthetics with cozy, crisp-autumnal-evening vibes. Hailing from Russia, Horrors mixes her love of mythology, folklore, dark tales, witchcraft and Victorian Gothic fashion to create ethereal, otherworldly pieces. 

So, fully submerge yourself in the horror experience by visiting Iren Horrors’ shop to purchase prints and go here to browse her social media channels.

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Lenka Šimečková 

"Binding" by horror illustrator Lenka Simeckova

“Binding” by Lenka Šimečková

Freelance horror illustrator and comics artist Lenka Šimečková possesses a keen eye for stunning color palettes and captivatingly morbid creations, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The colors she uses are more vibrant, with frequent usage of various purple hues; it’s dark, alluring and a visual feast for the eyes. 

Šimečková’s immersive art style transports you to worlds beyond imagining. Her artwork ticks off every box for this Halloween fan. 

You can buy her pieces here and support her on Ko-fi.

Elisabeth Zill 

Illustrator and comics artist Elisabeth Zill loves to combine her passions, including dark/Gothic/horror aesthetics and stories. Drawing inspiration from Tim Burton, 80s horror movies, metal and more, Zill often infuses vivid colors into her work. She adds her unique touch to popular characters from Halloween and horror properties. While there’s a smidge of those macabre elements we love, Zill’s creations also have an air of sweet friendliness to them. 

If you’re interested in purchasing her art, you can mosey on over to her Society6 shop. Go here to find her social media channels, website/portfolio and other ways to support her.

Did your favorite horror illustrators make my list? If not, who do you love? Sound off in the comments below!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to live vicariously through these artists’ gorgeously atmospheric work.

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