Anyone who has played PlayStation‘s Horizon Zero Dawn has had the thought, “this would look great as a TV series/movie.” And we weren’t the only ones. Sources have shared that Netflix will be bringing the post-apocalyptic world and story to life. These sources also told Deadline that the project is on but still in early development. This means that we have no idea when the series will air, who is behind it or who it stars.

There are already a few theories for the Horizon Zero Dawn series. It could follow the story of Aloy and the Machines that can be found within the game. Or it could be a prequel series. But, my favorite theory so far is that it will tell an entirely new story from a new character’s point of view. We would love for Netflix to take Guerrilla Games world and story and expand past what we already know and love.

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TV adaptations of video games are always a hit or miss. We have all experienced the hype of one of our favorite video game stories coming to life, only to fail horribly. But, over the last few years, Netflix has given us some fantastic series that honor their roots, like The Witcher, Arcane and Castlevania. This gives us hope that it will be great. No matter what story they decide to bring us for Horizon Zero Dawn.

With the series in such early development, we are stuck waiting for more news. Hopefully, now that the cat is out of the bag, so to say, they will start sharing more information. Like what the plot for the series is and who will be starring. We can dream, right? What are your theories so far? What kind of story would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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