The Playstation Blog and official Twitter for Guerrilla Games has brought fans some exciting news today! The award winning and highly acclaimed action-roleplaying game Horizon Zero Dawn is finally getting a release date for its port over to PC. The game was initially released as a PlayStation exclusive back in February of 2017 with the idea that someday it would find its way to other systems. That day is finally here. Or almost here. Herman Hulst, formerly the managing director at Guerrilla Games and now head of Worldwide Studios, said that we can expect a complete edition in the summer of 2020 for PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn follows the story of Aloy, a hunter who explores a post-apocalyptic world ruled by robotic creatures. Players have to ability to kill these creatures in a vast amount of ways including using trip wires, arrows, explosives, or even spears. Items needed to create weapons as well as consumables can be collected throughout the world and crafted. There is also a stealth mechanic that can make fighting multiple enemies easier and it’s actual functionality is nearly perfect. But these aren’t even some of the best parts.

The storyline for Horizon Zero Dawn is by far one of the game’s best features. I will save you from spoilers but know that the team at Guerrilla Games went above and beyond to bring the story to life. The worldbuilding, history, and even scripting all tie together to create this true piece of art. When everything is said and done, Horizon Zero Dawn is worth playing not just once, but multiple times.

Fans can add Horizon Zero Dawn to their Steam wishlist now! If you can’t wait for the PC release in the summer of 2020, it is available to play now on PlayStation 4.

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