Honest Trailers is back at it again, this time with Ghost in the Shell. The flopped film was controversial from the get-go and ScreenJunkies doesn’t skimp on the criticism. With poor casting choices, a limp plot and bad characters, it’s a wonder that this film ever got off the ground. Spoilers beware!

While not as harsh as their other videos, they do point out what’s wrong with the film. Namely that Scarlett Johansson was cast to play a combination of all her previous roles. And that her character’s ghost was Japanese the whole time. Putting “out a dumpster fire with a much larger, easily avoidable dumpster fire”. Ain’t that the truth. 

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I do have to point out that the original animated feature’s side characters also barely talked. So I can’t fault the film in that regard. But really, they nail it on the head here. Japanese animated films just shouldn’t be touched by Hollywood. At least not yet. And while the Japanese film industry doesn’t do a great job with adapting either, we really just need to leave them as they should be – animated.

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Erin Lynch