Honest Trailers has tackled Wes Anderson movies.  All of them.  In one trailer.  Anderson is described in the trailer as your ‘barista’s favorite director.’  Have I ever been a barista?  Yes.  Is Wes Anderson my favorite director?  Yes.  Rushmore and The Life Aquatic are two of my top 10 all-time movies.  

I am not ashamed.  I love all of his movies, deeply.  And, though this trailer pointed out all of the very specific repetition in Anderson’s plots, images and characters in a truly hilarious way… somehow it made me love him more.  

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I have often said that Wes Anderson is his own genre.  And, he is.  Honest Trailers recognized that.  So, they called it out and proceeded to pick apart every single trope, plot convention and shot.  Some, I expected.  Others actually taught me a little about his storytelling style.  

I absolutely expected jokes about the cross-section doll house sets, the awkward deliveries, the zooms and the company of actors that he returns to over and over like Bill Murray, Angelica Houston and Owen Wilson.  But, toward the end when they start to get specific about who is smoking, wearing a uniform or interacting with an exotic animal, I laughed out loud!  

Wes Anderson movies are definitely formulaic.  But it’s a formula that I want to bathe in forever.  

Isle of Dogs is in theaters now.  



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