It’s Rogue One eve, so we’d better get ready.  Let’s celebrate with what is perhaps the most complimentary Honest Trailers ever.

Honest Trailers doesn’t do it’s usual amount of hazing with The Empire Strikes Back.  In fact, they call it a perfect movie at one point.  I agree.  And, it’s actually really refreshing to have some honest fandom for once.  Let’s call what’s great, great!  There’s nothing wrong with that!

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Despite the rosier tone of this Honest Trailer, they still managed to get their licks in about a few things.  Even if it was an admitted struggle to find fault.  You can always go after Carrie Fisher’s accent, and the pronunciation of Han.  Easy.  Fun.  But they also addressed a few details that you may have overlooked, and with aplomb.   It’s just proof that you don’t have to be mean to be funny.

Take a look.  Get ready.  Sleep with your Rogue One tickets under your pillow and dream of rebellion.

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