This edition of Honest Trailers takes on the Disney Animated Feature, Big Hero 6.

It starts out lauding the virtues of the movie such as the story being based on a little known Marvel property, winning an Oscar, and being not Frozen.  Which is all true, especially the Frozen bit and including the bit about being based on a Marvel comic book by the same name.  However, the title and the character names are almost the only thing the animation has in common with it’s comic book namesake.

Big Hero 6 did star Baymax, but as a body guard, not a healthcare robot.  Hiro is in the comics but he was the creator of Baymax with no genius brother in sight.  Honey Lemon, Go Go, and Wasabi all made the jump to the theater but in name only.  Oh, and Honey Lemon carries a technologically marvelous purse.  Fred, or Fredzilla, may the the only one that made it to the movie relatively unscathed, except Fred in the comics can actually turn into a Godzilla like monster.  There you have it, everything that the film and comic have in common.

I will say this, it does drive me bonkers that Hiro’s name is not pronounced the same way by all the characters.



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