It’s just too easy. ScreenJunkies highly successful series Honest Trailers is back at it again, this time taking on one of the worst DC films to date. Catwoman hit theaters in the summer of 2004 and most of us wish it had never been. So with the first female superhero film coming out this weekend, they decided to take a jab at this anti-hero mess.

The film starred Halle Berry as a woman named Patience Phillips who inexplicably gains “cat-like” abilities. As Honest Trailers points out, they really have nothing to do with the character of Selina Kyle. She’s addicted to cat nip, eats an incredibly amount of tuna and has a very weird basketball game in front of children. It would all be more hilarious if it wasn’t one of my favorite characters of all time.

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The Screen Junkies crew dig deep into the flaws of the film, which there are MANY. Especially with the plot being flat and the big bad of the film was cosmetics. Ugh. Check out the video for yourself and relive the horror of early 2000s superhero films (till Batman Begins, of course.)

What do you think of the Honest Trailer? Do you like the Catwoman movie? Let us know!

Erin Lynch