We love TTRPGs, but sometimes, we just need a bit more. And this is where additional supplements come into play. In particular, Homie and The Dude‘s upcoming Sky Zephyrs Kickstarter project. It functions as an overlay that works with Dungeons and Dragons 5E to help flush airship, spaceship, sea and land vehicle combat. We recently had the chance to chat with the team to learn more about it and what players can expect when Kickstarter launches. Keep reading to find out about the supplement and when and where you can keep up with everything.

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Homie and The Dude – Sky Zephyrs

Artwork from the Sky Zephyrs supplement book.

Julia Roth: Give us a little background on how the HOMIEandTheDUDE came to be?

Homie and The Dude: HaTD started during Covid when Bodhi and Tom started a podcast interviewing athletes and creatives. We were then reintroduced to D&D and started shifting the focus of HaTD to TTRPGs.

JR: What drew you into the world of TTRPGs?

HaTD: Bodhi had dabbled playing D&D 3.5 back in school with a teacher, but for HaTD, it really launched with stumbling upon Acquisition Incorporated’s live performance of their actual play during PAX.

JR: You have a brand-new Kickstarter for Sky Zephyrs set to launch soon. Can you give us a brief idea of what backers can expect?

HaTD: With Sky Zephyrs, we set out to create a fun, simple and dynamic vehicle combat overlay that can “lay over” most 5e settings with airships, spaceships, naval vessels and land vehicles. Our mission was to build a system that complimented (and didn’t overwhelm) traditional 5e PC combat. We want Sky Zephyrs to conjure up the image of “Swashbuckling Combat.” As far as the Kickstarter, here’s what folks can get excited about:

  • 200-page book in PDF format that includes
    • Dozens of custom sky-based Feats
    • Dozens of Spells, Creatures and Magic Items
    • Sky battle map for VTTs -GM and PC Zephyr combat trackers
    • High-res Artwork and Game-Ready Stat Blocks of Zephyrs (Airships) and their Crews
  • STL files for 3D printing of multiple ship crews (The Pirate Crew, The Vigilante Crew, The Mafia Crew etc.).
  • A Free Subscription to the upcoming Ship Builder App
  • Collaborations with Shard Tabletop and TablyTop to convert our system to their VTTs.
  • Stretch Goals:
    • STLs of multiple sizes of Sky Zephyr airships (edited)
    • Conversions to other popular VTTs, including Roll20 (Compendium!), Fantasy Grounds, Foundry and others

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JR: What was the inspiration behind the new overlay?

HaTD: Airships are a big part of our Sky Realm actual play. It was only a matter of time before we encountered an airship battle. With that in mind, we reviewed the few vehicle combat systems out there and realized that there wasn’t one system that captured everything we wanted to experience in airship combat. They were either too crunchy or too RP based. We wanted a good balance. Along the way, we’ve created a way for DMs and players to customize our overlay to meet their preferences on the “Crunchiness to RP” continuum.

JR: Can you give us an idea of the creative process that went into creating Sky Zephyrs?

HaTD: The project has now been over a year in the making. There are several elements to bringing Sky Zephyrs to life. Bodhi and Tony are the writing team who have developed the 200-page book. Alek, Josh and Viktor are our art team. They’ve created the artwork and STLs. Becky is our video editor behind The Sky Realm and all of the video assets to promote the Kickstarter. On the marketing side, Ben, Emily and I have been sharing the project with the wider TTRPG community to connect everyone who loves vehicle combat with our project. It’s been a huge undertaking, and we’re now almost there!

JR: Was it a tricky balance making sure the new rules within the supplement complement the traditional D&D 5E rule set?

HaTD: Bodhi and Tony have been relentless in their work to make sure the overlay is complimentary to the 5e rule set. Playtesting has been a big part of us making sure we will get the mechanics to balance just right.

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JR: Without giving too much away, can you share some of your favorite creatures that can be found within the supplement?

HaTD: A few of our faves are Sky Buffalo, Ikkákuan (Sky Narwhals), Cloud Bees (workers, warriors and the queen), and The Night Deceiver (a gargantuan aberration).

JR: In the brief announcement trailer, we heard a bit about three-dimensional dynamic movement. Could you give us an example of how this works?

HaTD: We have created air zones to account for the verticality of three-dimensional movement while maintaining a two-dimensional mapping system. We’ve also created mechanics for turning, altitude changes and ship “momentum.”

JR: Are there plans to expand Sky Zephyrs?

HaTD: Yes, we are very excited to continue developing both Sky Zephyrs and our webpage vehicle builder app to extend beyond D&D and provide for more types of vehicles (spaceships, naval vessels, land vehicles, mechs, etc.) for a bunch of the more popular TTRPGs. If GMs are considering the use of any type of vehicle in their TTRPG, we want to be their destination of choice.

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JR: What kind of exciting things can backers expect to see once the Kickstarter goes live?

HaTD: All kinds of fun and important promotion to feature Sky Zephyrs to the TTRPG community. For instance, we’re looking to livestream a couple of AMAs, playtest the system, introduce new surprise stretch goals and other surprises we have up our sleeves.

JR: For those who are looking to see Sky Zephyrs in action, where can they check it out?

HaTD: The best place to get the most info on Sky Zephyrs (Sample pages, sample promo videos, a community of TTRPG vehicle lovers, etc.) is in our Newsletter of Holding and Discord server.

JR: What is next for the team over at HOMIEandTheDUDE?

HaTD: What’s next? The first thing we’re going to do after the Kickstarter is celebrate by taking a team outing that will include paintballing, a slap-up dinner and multiple rounds of celebratory toasts. After that? Back to the grindstone. Our goal is to be the premier destination for anyone playing a TTRPG that wants to introduce vehicles into their world.

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