The Virtual Experience is taking the internet by storm. HomeCon is the latest to reunite television’s favorite casts for free panel discussions.  The second edition will feature the casts of Orphan Black featuring Emmy and Golden Globe winner Tatiana Maslany, Vikings, The Women of The 100, a Heroes reunion panel, and Wynonna Earp with creator Emily Andras.

This is a big deal! Orphan Black ended in 2017 after five seasons on BBC America.  Heroes was only on NBC for 4 seasons ending in 2010. Vikings is currently in the middle of its sixth and final season. The 100 will premiere its seventh and final season in May. And Wynonna Earp‘s fourth will premiere sometime this summer. The event hasn’t confirmed which cast members will be appearing in the panels.

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Paul Amos and Batwoman‘s Rachel Skarsten created the event to “combat the isolation felt in the pop/nerd culture enthusiast community,” due to the cancellation of many conventions.   The panels are free to public.  Fans can also purchase autographs, one-on-one Zoom chats with the celebrities, group-on-one interviews and HomeCon merchandise.

HomeCon: 1st Edition featured 16 panels, 38 guests, autographs, Zoom one-on-one chats with celebrities and more. The proceeds went to #FirstRespondersFirst, Canada Helps, Start the Wave, and the LA Regional Food Bank. Any donations made during the 2nd Edition will also go to First Responders First. 

HomeCon hasn’t listed the panel schedule on it’s website. Visit the HomeCon website for updates.

HomeCon: 2nd Edition takes place Saturday May 16 and Sunday May 17 on Twitch. 

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