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Thanks to the amazing folks at Nerdist, we’ve got a big reveal for the main cast of the one of the next, big, comic book shows, Titans, to play on TNT.

A quick note — this is NOT a cast list, at least not right now. It’s a list of characters we can expect to see on the team.

That said, here we go!


Dick Grayson starts the show off as Robin, having just left working with Batman and now living Boston where he’s working as a detective. As the site points out, “This is strikingly similar to the original Nightwing solo comic from the early ’90s from writer Chuck Dixon, in which Dick Grayson became a police officer in Gotham’s neighboring city of Bludhaven.”


We will also get to see Barbara Gordon in the show. It’s sounding like this version will see her in a wheelchair, much like her Oracle persona, though the site is claiming she will not be referred to by that particular name. However, they acknowledge that she was once known as Batgirl, which would imply that she and Dick Grayson have a history together. It’s unclear if she and Grayson have the same romantic relationship they did in the comics, but she will act as the team’s computer hacker.


Long-standing Titans, Hank Hall and Dawn Granger, a.k.a. Hawk and Dove, will also be on the team. These two should be interesting to see on television as they got their powers as gifts from the Lord or Order and Chaos, fighting as Avatars for War and Peace. In the comics, they can only transform into these forms whenever danger is present and they remain in that form until the danger has passed. They both have superhuman strength, agility, flight and durability. Without Dove around, Hawk becomes super angry super fast, so she’s necessary to suppress his rage.

d697bc6967e550f27255dfb3c6e712a71Rachel Roth, A.K.A. Raven, will also be in the show. The daughter of inter-dimensional demon Trigon, she has dark magic powers that lets her absorb emotions allowing her to either render people emotionally numb or to ease their suffering and heal them more quickly. She can also do astral projection and teleportation as well as flight and telekinesis. Her biggest drawback is that she has to keep all of her emotions in check lest she unleash her demonic side.

Lastly, we get the alien Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran, A.K.A. Starfire. She has the power of flight as well as the ability to throw “starbolts.” She’s also a proficient martial artist

Both Starfire and Raven only appear at the end of the episode “as buttons” according to Nerdist, but as they point out, Princess Koriand’r and Dick Grayson always had some sort of a romance as well, so there could be some love triangle action in the future between her, Dick and Barbara Gordon.

Nerdist then goes on to report that neither Beast Boy or Cyborg are in the script for the pilot but either one could show up later if the show gets picked up. Chances are good that WB will not let Cyborg out of their cinematic universe, but Beast Boy is a good bet. It’s also unknown if Titan will exist in the same universe as The Flash, Arrow or Supergirl, but if it does, how cool would it be to see Arsenal or The Flash on another show?

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