It is that time of year again, folks! The air just got a bit colder, every store looks like Christmas exploded in their seasonal section, and Smite has brought back the Holiday Chest! They have several different loot chests that range from items and skins for the rascal Gods to Pirate-themed chests for all your ocean conquering needs. The Holiday Chest is by far one of my favorites, jam-packed with Christmasy-themed skins and other winter holiday items.

Of course this is the season of giving and HiRez is no Scrooge! They are continuing with their yearly tradition and with each purchase of a Holiday Chest, they are donating a $1 to the Child’s Play Charity. CP is an organization that was founded in 2003 that donates toys and games to children’s hospitals around the world.

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Cost Per Chest: 400 gems (gems can be purchased directly in the Smite store)

Available Until: December 19, 2017

Items Available: 15

The skins included in the chest feature some of the most festive outfits I have seen! They are bringing back 10 skins that were available last year and adding two new ones to the chest! The new skins include a Snow Day Scylla and the Ice Mage Agni. Aside from the skins there is a snowman ward, a winter loading frame, and a cutesy snowman avatar! Which skin are you hoping you get out of this year’s chest? Or are you like me and are going to invest in enough gems to get all 15 items? I mean c’mon, its all for a good cause plus I am just waiting to hear what Smite’s Black Friday Sale is going to be this year!

Julia Roth
Catch Me