The team behind the popular card game Exploding Kittens have given the masses and early Holiday gift. A Holiday Name Generator! And, let me tell you it’s a blast. The last name generator we loved was a Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator but this Holiday Name Generator takes it to a whole new level. The Geek Girl Authority team spent way too much time on Slack last night sharing our ridiculous names. We finally decided to take those names and form a Holiday Roller Derby team. That’s right, the GGA YuleThrusts are coming to a town near you. Get your tickets now.

NOTE – Some may consider this Holiday Name Generator to be a bit on the dirty side. So, check it out for yourself before you gather Grandma, Grandpa and Nephew Timmy in your living room for fun times. Unless shocking your family is your M.O., then have at it!

Get your Holiday name from Exploding Kittens by clicking here and then let us know what name you were bestowed!

Happy Holidays!

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This was originally published on 11/29/17 but they still have it going so we had to post again!

Audrey Kearns