As Christmas fast approaches, you might find yourself stuck with ideas for what to get those last few people on your list. If they happen to be a big RPG fan, then you’re in luck. As a Final Fantasy superfan with a very long gift list, I can give you some suggestions.  

FFVII Polygon Figures

The polygon figures of FFVII characters were a highly sought-after item this year among Final Fantasy fans, but they were difficult to get your hands on shortly after release. Fortunately, they have come back into stock in most places and you’ll be able to find them in the Square Enix store.

When they were first released, you could only buy “blind boxes” and you didn’t know which figure you would get. Now, you can get the full set all at once for $64.00, which seems like a good price for 8 figures.

If your favorite character isn’t featured in the set, there are Etsy sellers who have 3D printed the whole gang. Scarlet, Heidegger, Marlene, and Bugenhagen are just a few of the more niche characters that have been created by the talented crafters online.

A Game

If you have a bigger budget, you can never go wrong with a game. If they’re the ultimate superfan, then you might have trouble finding a game that they haven’t played, but, even incredibly dedicated players (me included) have skipped a few titles. There are tons of spin-offs from the main game, so you should have a few options.

On Steam and Xbox, you can gift digital games to your friends. If older games are hard to find in-person, then you can also send over an online copy.

A Moogle or Chocobo Plushie

This is an item that will show just how well you know the Final Fantasy fan in your life, as the look of Moogles and Chocobos vary from game to game. You could purchase a Moogle or a Chocobo from your loved one’s favorite game in the series, letting them know that you have been paying attention.

Final Fantasy Map

A very cool decoration that I saw at a friend’s house was a framed map of Hogwarts, and I thought it would be amazing if you could get one made based on other popular series. Fortunately, there are many online retailers that sell printed maps from various Final Fantasy games. This is another gift that you can customize to your loved one’s favorite game in the series, as you can find maps for all versions of Gaia in the Final Fantasy world.

Low-Key Branded Gifts

My partner isn’t a fan of having tons of figurines and toys around the house, so if the person on your gift list likes a more toned-down aesthetic, you may want to look into getting them a more everyday item that has Final Fantasy branding on it. Some of the gifts I’ve received over the years include: a Cactaur mug, a ShinRa t-shirt, and job-class inspired coasters.

On my list this year, I’m hoping someone will get me a pack of Final Fantasy playing cards. I’ve only just discovered that this is a thing and, even though I’m only doing most of my poker playing online these days, I’d love to have a set of cards for when my weekly home games get underway again. There’s an adorable pack of baby Chocobo cards, as well as sets based on the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth games in the series.

These are also the more affordable options, so they’re perfect for a Secret Santa present.

Final Fantasy Jewelry

If the person on your gift list likes a bit of bling, there are some very nice Final Fantasy-inspired pieces of jewelry that you can get from various sellers on Etsy. You can get necklaces that look just like the pieces that Squall, Ignis, and Tidus wear, or more subtle options like pendants resembling materia. There are plenty of pretty options out there.

You can also get earrings modelled after the ones Aerith and Tifa wear in the remake. Other interesting Final Fantasy motifs that you’ll find on earrings include wings, Buster swords, and even cactaurs.

Hopefully this list has given you some good ideas for what to get your friend, partner, or family member who also happens to be a fan of Final Fantasy games. With options at a variety of price points, you should be able to find them a present that they are sure to love.