HBO released a trailer for Tour De Pharmacy on Friday, and it’s good for a number of laughs.  Cycling, drugs and drugs and drugs are the focus of the sports mockumentary.  The cast is star-studded and pleasantly surprisingly hilarious.  

This is Andy Samberg‘s second sports spoof, the first being Seven Days in Hell about a week-long tennis match and the fall out that resulted.  It was met with mixed reviews, but I have high hopes for Tour De Pharmacy.  It just looks fun.

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Samberg teams up with Orlando Bloom in this Tour De France send-up.  And, Bloom has a moment in the trailer where, sporting his ridiculous bleached goatee, he gets caught admitting to drug use; that is really well timed and funny.  John Cena is not to be outdone.  He’s a young Dolph Lundgren (that’s awesome on it’s own) ‘roiding cyclist with some extremely aggressive and hilarious bits in the trailer.

The cast is crazy full of talent, including but not limited to Samberg, Bloom, Cena, James Marsden, Maya Rudolph, Jeff Goldblum, Danny Glover, Will Forte, J.J. Abrams, Kevin Bacon, and a very famous ‘anonymous informant’ that might be extremely well-known for doping in the Tour De France.  It’s funny because it’s true. 

As a fan of sports, the folly of sports, and comedy… I’ll be watching when Tour De Pharmacy airs on HBO July 8.  

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