With Hobbit Day just around the corner on September 22, we have been looking for various ways to celebrate. From binging The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies and having a feast to enjoying quiet time with the books, there are many ways to honor our favorite friends from Middle-Earth. A new and exciting way to celebrate was introduced to me this past weekend while I was scrolling through good old TikTok.

Tiktok user sams_cozycorner (Samantha) shared a post on her page about the highly popular “Hot Girl Walk” that took over the world this past summer. But like so many of us homebodies, myself included, it wasn’t something she could stick with. This is where The Hobbit comes in. Samantha has decided to kick off a new type of walk to motivate herself to get outside and has dubbed it the “Hobbit Girl Walk.” In her video, she dons an adorable outfit that we are pretty confident came right out of the Shire and shared that she plans to cover the 1,779 miles Frodo and Sam walked during their journey.

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Not only is kicking off the “Hobbit Girl Walk” this month the perfect way to celebrate, but Samantha also shares that it coincides with Sam and Frodo leaving the Shire in September. Plus, what could be cozier than the perfect fall season we are heading into? Think of all the adorable outfits you could plan and places you could visit as the leaves change. I don’t want to brag, but some parks here in New Jersey scream Middle-Earth worthy in the fall. Samantha has shared a few other key things to help get others excited and motivated to kick off their own journey.

First, she created a playlist on Spotify with tons of exciting music that will have you moving your feet while feeling like you are on the epic journey of your dreams. Second, Samantha is keeping track of her journey with a map of Middle-Earth. It can be found here on Amazon. She showed in the video that as she completes different distances, she will mark prominent stops along the route with pins. It’s the perfect way to track exactly how far into the trip you are while also showing off all the exciting places you have traveled. There are many different styles, so find the one that fits your home and aesthetic.

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With all the fun and exciting Hobbit-related things one can participate in, this has quickly become one of our favorites. There is nothing more exciting and cozy than grabbing our favorite fantasy outfits, heading to somewhere beautiful and recreating Frodo and Sam’s trek from the Shire to Mordor. Even if you don’t want to commit to completing the full journey, just enjoying the walk whenever you get the chance would be worth it. Be sure to follow Samantha’s journey on TikTok and Instagram and see all the fun places she will go. Are you excited to take part in the “Hobbit Girl Walk?” Let us know in the comments down below and on social media!


Come and join me on my hobbitgirlwalk! Tomorrow I’ll post some of the distances between the shire and other locations so you can follow along too! Who else is going to join in on the Hobbit Girl Walk?! #samscozycorner #ReTokforNature #hotgirlwalk #fallwalk #exercise #wellness #cozytok #cozycore #cozyaesthetic #cozygirl #cozybooks #hobbit #lotr #ringsofpower #tolkien

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