Slot machines evolved to the point of being accessible via mobile devices and computers with real money winnings. Websites like Jet Casino Canada allow people to play for free or actually gamble within two minutes. The most famous casino game of all evolved a lot to reach that point, and you are about to learn something about its history.

The First Slot Machine: Liberty Bell

Created in 1895 by Charles Fey, Liberty Bell was the first slot machine. What is now known as the “classic” slot machine layout of three reels was the standard at that time. However, instead of fruits and a “7”, the symbols were suits like heat and spade and a Liberty Bell that resulted in the jackpot. Back then, the big payment was a total of 50 cents or ten nickels.

Later, Fey was also responsible for the first-ever video poker machine. Nowadays, the very first mechanical slot machine can be seen in Reno, Nevada, at the Liberty Belle Saloon.

Growing Popularity

Even though Fey could not supply slot machines at the pace clients wanted, he refused to sell the rights to other manufacturers. Around 1907, Herbert Mills, experienced in arcade machines, began creating his own version of a slot machine, introducing the famous classic fruits symbols. He named it the Operator Bell.

One curious fact is that cash prizes were not allowed for a moment in history. During that break from winnings, slot players received gums and sweets as prizes. Not so nowadays with slots like Bluechip Aviator

Slot Machines Become Electronic

Back then, metal hoops were spun through a lever, and the coins were dispensed automatically, but the slot machines were not electronically yet. Way before the slot machines become electronic, Paces Races, an animated and electric horse race machine, was its precursor. The year was 1934, and 30 years later came a “21” machine by Nevada Electronic that was completely electronic.

In that same year of 1964, Bally released Money Honey, with reels that were electrically operated. They kept the lever so that players would not be too unfamiliar with the new release. Its automatic and biggest payout was of 500 coins, and it became a hit. Finally, the Fortune Coin Company built an electronic slot machine in 1975, after there were versions for roulette, dice, and even poker.

IGT, nowadays known as one of the many quality providers of online slot games, bought Fortune Coin in 1978. Their slot machines used a Sony TV to display the reels, and the machine also kept the lever.

Multi-screen Video Slot Machines

With the advent of all-electronic slot machines, they were not called video slots. Displayed on screens, they became a huge hit back in those days. It was in the 90s that things evolved a bit more. In 1994 in Australia and 1996 in the United States, electronic slot machines received two screens, featuring a new scenario meant for bonus rounds. “Reel ‘Em,” by WMS, which now counts on a modern online version, is a great example.

Nowadays, those bonus rounds are among the most important parameters players consider when choosing online slot machines.

Online Video Slot Machines and the Future

Thousands of slot machines are available online, and dozens of different providers release new titles every week. With online casinos, games were developed in Flash – and more recently in HTML5 – and can now be played through mobile devices and computers. All the players need is an internet connection and nothing more.

That is right, nothing more. Most online casinos offer free slot machines to be played for an unlimited amount of time. Whenever the player decides it is time to gamble, all it takes is switching a button.

As for the future, virtual reality is starting to get some attention from the casino industry. Although it seems more suitable for card and table games, you can expect everything from millionaire and innovative companies that are always reaching for the extra mile. Meanwhile, there are new slots and classic ones worth reviving to have fun.

















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