The greatest war ever to exist is almost nigh. Let the battle between worlds commence! His Dark Materials premiered a fantastically epic trailer for its upcoming second season. Earlier this week, the HBO series set a release date for Season Two. 

Now, we know that Lord Asriel opened a bridge to a new world. Lyra, who’s quite distraught over the death of her best friend, followed him. There she meets young Will, a boy with a peculiar past. An inexplicable connection exists between the two. Mrs. Coulter is determined to bring Lyra home by any means necessary. In fact, in the trailer we see Lee Scoresby is dispatched to find Lyra and, in turn, he meets Colonel John Parry along the way. 

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The His Dark Materials trailer also underscores a grave war brewing between the multiple worlds at play. Daemons, witches and more are all affected by the oncoming storm. Additionally, the trailer is laden with magical feats, ominous narration and an overall perpetual sense of doom. Just like 2020! Well, minus the magical feats. 

I’m absolutely pumped for Season Two. There’s no better place for His Dark Materials to live than HBO because, you know, money. This trailer is stunning. Not to mention, the cast appears to be in top form. 

Below, you can take a looksee at the trailer for yourselves. His Dark Materials stars Dafne KeenRuth WilsonAndrew ScottAmir WilsonAriyon BakareWill Keen, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ruta Gedmintas. Season Two is slated to premiere Monday, November 16 at 9pm EST on HBO. 

What do you think of the His Dark Materials Season Two official trailer? Sound off in the comments below!



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