At the Hi-Rez Expo 2018, Paladins saw a lot of love with a new champion, game mode, and map. However, all anyone could talk about is the newly announced Paladins: Battlegrounds. We will get into that shortly, but I want to take a look at the additions to the original Paladins game first. Paladins is Hi-Rez‘s FPS (first person shooter) for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Moji is the newest flank to be added to the champion rooster. Flanks are known for their high speed and fairly high damage which allows them to make their way behind enemy lines and pick off weaker team members. What really makes Moji look amazing is that she is able to use her two-headed dragon to attack, even feeding it throughout matches to energize it. Moji is the first Leipori, a new sub-species, but I am sure we will see more in later additions. 

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Team Deathmatch

The Team Deathmatch mode will bring a new and fast paced game mode to Paladins. It is really simple: the first team to 40 kills wins. This game will be a nice change of pace from the popular Payload and Onslaught mode. The Team Deathmatch mode is going to take place in the new Trade District map.

Paladins: Battlegrounds

The most talked about addition was Paladins: Battlegrounds. Hi-Rez is mixing their hero first person shooter with a battle royale. I am very excited for this new mode; however, I can completely understand some arguments against Hi-Rez for copying the now famous PlayerUnknown’s: Battlegrounds and other battle royale-style games. The game follows a similar format except Hi-Rez mixes in their own flair. The mode is still in-development, but you can get a feel for what they have to offer with their trailer below.


Julia Roth
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