Tons of news is coming out of Atlanta, Georgia this weekend as Hi-Rez hosts their 2018 Expo. They are known for games such as SMITE and Paladins and they have become a household name on both PC and consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4 over the last couple of years. Now, they are bringing a big screen presence to the small screen with Bot Smashers!


Bot Smashers will be a 1v1 strategy game where you are required to build your base and collect different bots to do your fighting. You can sign up for early access on the Bot Smashers site and receive up-to-date information during development. There is no set date when the game will be up and ready to play, but you can bet I will be counting down! Who doesn’t want a small army of bots to do their bidding?

Bot Smashers is not the first game Hi-Rez has created for the small screen and if you are interested in checking out what they have to offer, you can download and play Jetpack Fighter or the soon to be released Paladins Strike!



Julia Roth
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