~Brenda Shea


711 New High Street,  Chinatown
$10  11-6 Thursday through Sunday

Sometimes being an active dweeb backfires.  On such days, we use Saurians to make Saurian Brandy.

Let me explain:   I was SUPER excited about this week’s adventure.

Velveteria is an art gallery relocated from Portland Oregon (where else?).  It’s a now-local museum that houses over 2,500 black velvet paintings.  Past special exhibits include Clowntacular, Poodletopia, and Unicornucopia.

Curator Carl Baldwin sits in the "black light room" at the Velveteria museum in Portland, Oregonbehold the blacklight room

Like I said — stoked.  But I got a little misled.  The website says they are open Wednesday.  But they’re not.  It’s open Thursday through Sunday.  🙁

I could see them through the glass!  So close….. So Close….


Well, whatcha gonna do?  I was already downtown so I kicked around Olvera Street, which never disappoints. I watched an awkward cop try to chase down a guy on a bike who was smoking the reefer.  And there was this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 3.05.07 PMThis is an iPhone case

Followed by a walk through Union Station and its amazing architecture.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 3.05.17 PM

So still a winner of a day.  If I get back to check out the museum for realsies I’ll let you know.  It’s an easy train ride to one my favorite parts of town.  Check it out.

Couple o’ Other Things:  you may have heard that Bill Nye will be in town speaking on January 22 as part of Star Talk Live!  Tickets average $42.

Shhhhhhhhhhhh!  He’s also speaking at CalTech Pasadena on the 25th as part of the eSkeptics lecture series.  Tickets are $20.

I wrote about eSkeptics a while back.  Click here for the details. 

And this week both LAist and Delish wrote up GameHaus Cafe!  We were ahead of the curve, click here to see!