~by Korama Danquah

Heroes Reborn Recap
Series Premiere
“A Brave New World”

What Happened
Heroes Reborn is the brand new NBC mini series based on the smash hit show Heroes. It’s crazy to think that it’s been a whole nine years since the premiere of the original Heroes. This show starts just a few years after the end of Heroes in Odessa, Texas. The world is a very different one from when Claire Bennett (Hayden Panettiere) jumped off of a ferris wheel to expose the existence of evolutionarily advanced humans.

Noah Bennett, a protagonist in Reborn is seen on a park bench in Odessa calling his estranged daughter while a “unity summit” occurs. We learn very quickly that people with special powers are now called EVOs and they are hated by many (one sign held by an angry picketer counts God in this number).

On this day in Odessa there is a terrorist attack that leaves hundreds of people dead and sparks a worldwide hatred of EVOs. This attack occurs on June 13th and throughout the show they treat June 13th as a sort of second 9/11. After June 13th, EVOs are persecuted, hunted, and forced to register with the government.

The rest of the show is spent introducing various EVOs and tangential human characters including Tommy (Robbie Kay), the show’s obligatory outcast awkward teenager. His EVO power is making objects and people disappear into (what he thinks is) oblivion. There is also Miko (Kiki Sukezane) who can turn into a video game character, and Carlos (Ryan Guzman) who is not an EVO but finds out that his brother was a closet EVO protecting the streets of East LA as a masked vigilante called El Vengador.

The big question of the episode becomes “What is the truth about June 13th?” Noah Bennett is told that June 13th never happened and that there is a big shadowy conspiracy to keep people thinking that it did happen.

Thoughts on the Show
Heroes Reborn – more like Heroes re-bored. I thought that the two hour series premiere was a weak excuse for presenting a pilot episode with poor pacing and even worse character development. At the end of the episode I found myself caring very little about any of them or their futures.

The show, as it stands thus far, leans heavily on Heroes nostalgia. Within the first five minutes of air we see a young woman in an Odessa High cheerleading outfit meant to recall Claire’s old uniform. From the stack of 9th Wonders! comics that flash across the screen, to the closing scene with Miko in front of Yamagata Tower where Hiro worked, the whole episode felt like a big wink at Heroes fans.

I know you can’t judge a whole show on a pilot, but I worry that this show will rely too heavily on the original source material and not try to forge a new path in the supernatural/superhero tv genre. The fact is that Reborn has yet to show us anything we haven’t seen on Heroes or in the X-Men movie franchise. I am excited to see where the show goes and will reserve harsh judgement for later episodes. I hope it can truly be a renaissance of the supernatural/superhero form.

Notable Quote of the Episode
“Anyone can be a hero” —Carlos

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