The Hulk’s Anger Problem

Dr. Larry Lewis explains how Bruce Banner may benefit from anger management.

Dr. Bruce Banner has tried to cure his Hulk condition using science, but according to Dr. Lewis, there are less sophisticated, more reliable ways of dealing with his problem.

“Dr. Bruce Banner is a scientist for the defense industry. During a bomb test, he is exposed to a massive dose of gamma radiation. Since the accident, when Bruce becomes angry, he transforms into The Hulk, an enormously strong and destructive creature. Bruce tries repeatedly to cure himself of his condition, but is he dealing with his Hulk problem in the most effective way?

I guess the best he could do is some massive anger management program, I would think. Anger management is not about managing the anger once it comes on; it’s about managing your physiological state so that it doesn’t come on. So he’s a perfect candidate for anger management.

He needs to know that the adrenaline dump that most of us have before we yell at our wives or drive too fast is somewhat cavalier to us. ‘Yeah, big deal I got angry. I yelled at her yesterday; she’ll get over it.’ He can’t afford that. Who he is is a guy that needs to be hypervigilant.

Whatever good things are in his personality, keep them. But I would suggest an intense course of psychoanalysis to really find out what his triggers are. Why is his ego such that he gets triggered this way? Does he really hate it so much, and yet he puts no work into finding out how to manage anger?

He drags it around like he’s a martyr to this condition. But you know what? You know there’s Eastern philosophies and ways to Zen down your intensity, and all kinds of stuff in which you can just chill out. I don’t see him going after that. He’s like the alcoholic who, instead of going to a meeting, keeps searching for the cause of alcoholism. Meanwhile he’s got to live with alocoholism. Well, he’s got to live with rage so destructive that, if brought about, could kill, maim and collapse structures. I mean, at that level.”

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