Villains run amuck in My Hero Academia, filling the void left by All Might (Kenta Miyake) with chaos and petty theft in “A Season for Encounters”. We follow an unfamiliar character through his daily routine as he narrates to himself observations about the predicament in which the world finds itself. Every so often, another voice buts into his thoughts, its source unknown.

Strolling through the city, he casually watches as small gangs overwhelm lone heroes, and are then overwhelmed themselves by bigger, stronger gangs. His lethargic inner monologue about the cascade of crime–criminals finding comfort through a growing criminal community–is interrupted by a phone call. On the line is Giran (Seirou Ogino), the villain fixer who helped facilitate the League of Villains, calling to check in on our lone wanderer and update him on the goings on in villain world.

Business is booming as more upstart villains are looking to buy into the League of Villains ideal. Elsewhere, the inducted members are on a low key recruitment drive. The conversation isn’t sitting well with the disembodied voice, and the monologist panics as he tries to maintain the “mono” part. Slipping on a black and white mask, the villain Twice (Daichi Endou) makes himself known. The mask is a sort of preventative measure. Without it, the other persona might split off from his primary form, as his Quirk allows. Twice can replicate things, including himself.

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Back in the day, he replicated up a whole gang of himself but, before long, the clones started vying for supremacy. A suicidal bloodbath left one of him standing, but his psyche was forever shattered by the possibility that the survivor was not the original. Now, like the reckless gangs rampaging through the city, he’s just looking for a community that can sympathize with his damage. And, hey, maybe he’ll meet some new recruits along the road.

Like Twice, this episode is split in two, leaving both angles disappointingly shallow. Back at UA High, Bakugo (Nobuhiko Okamoto) and Izuku (Daiki Yamashita) are confined to the dorms for three days as punishment for their starlight brawl. Everyone else is treated to an assembly where (peppered within his pointless rambling) The Principal hints at more extra-curricular Heroing to come. Much like their prior internships, the students will have the opportunity to do a work-study program with professional Hero agencies. From the sidelines, All Might looks over the gathered students. Lost in thought, he reminisces about the start of his teaching career and his ambition to find a student to be his successor. Conspicuously, the camera lingers on the back of a rather tall student with up-swept blonde hair.

It will be a mighty bummer if this boy is a coincidence.

Later in the week, the time comes for a more in depth explanation of the work-study program. While Bakugo is still cooped up in the dorm, Izuku’s relentless over achieving shave just enough time off of his punishment to get him back in class for this presentation. Always eager to give up the spotlight, Aizawa (Junichi Suwabe) calls upon a trio of third-year students to explain the program. Whether it’s their position at the top of their class, or their greater physical size than most younger students, these three have earned the moniker, “The Big Three.”

No less conspicuous than before, the camera scans ever inch of the biggest of The Big Three: a tall, muscular, blonde haired, blue eyed goofball with a big grin. This boy’s appearance seems to suggest at least one thing… All Might has had sex.


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