Although Pokemon Go was initially seen as a fad by many when it was released in 2016, there’s no denying its longevity at this point. In fact, since its first year anniversary, the game has continued to improve its all-around offering year after year. As such, more and more gamers have been continually wowed by its immersive augmented reality package.

On the whole, mobile gaming is booming anyway, but not many games can compete with the undoubted success of Pokemon Go. The first augmented reality mobile game, Niantic’s product had over 750 million downloads in its first year alone and continues to be downloaded onto iOS and Android devices on a daily basis. This comes despite a rather saturated mobile gaming market, with the average mobile gamer able to access a range of options these days. For example, people can access popular browser game products, such as some of the best Canadian casino games, before firing up a console-quality release like Fortnite. Despite the array of other options out there, though, Pokemon Go is still a favoured choice for many. But why? What is the appeal of playing Pokemon Go over accessing other new and improved games? Let’s assess some key reasons behind Pokemon Go’s longevity below.

There is nothing quite like it

As we’ve touched on already, Pokemon Go’s augmented reality feature provides players with a truly unique immersive gaming experience as trainers aim to hunt down a variety of Pokemon to fill up their Pokédex. We’ve seen other augmented reality products fail to capitalise on Pokemon Go’s success since, too. For example, despite having a global fanbase, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite failed somewhat spectacularly. Offering a similar type of experience to Pokemon Go, especially when factoring in its augmented reality feature, not enough people took to the game. Pokemon Go, on the other hand, continues to pull in impressive numbers and tempt people in. From its trading aspect to the option of taking down gyms, the game is hugely detailed and represents a fantastic product for all types of gamers. Whether the augmented reality aspect of mobile gaming will take off further remains to be seen, but Pokemon Go will always be the undisputed king of it.

New Pokemon added on a regular basis

Another key reason behind Pokemon Go’s continued success has to be down to its regular updates. Although many aspects of the game have remained the same, the fact that its creators, Niantic, can keep adding new generations of Pokemon around the world means that its millions of players will want to keep on hunting for them. Other fairly new additions, such as being able to trade Pokemon, purchase a variety of new gear, and battle in an online league system against fellow trainers, have also added a new dimension to the game. As such, Pokemon Go’s success can be credited with its continued evolution. The game has generally stayed the same when assessing its core features, but there have been some notable additions that have kept the community behind it intrigued and wanting more. Put simply, Niantic has nailed it.

It can be played anywhere 

Another main ingredient behind Pokemon Go’s timeless offering is the main way in which the game functions. Although most games can be played anywhere, Pokemon Go’s augmented reality aspect means that it looks different wherever you are in the world. Whether on holiday or during a morning commute to work, people can access the game pretty much anywhere and enjoy a unique experience every time. After all, certain areas have different types of Pokemon and popular teams

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