When Greg Benson and Kim Evey of MediocreFilms were featured in GGA’s 5 QuestionsI mentioned one of my favorite prank videos that they produce is a series that’s called Prank It Forward which raises awareness and money for various charities.

This is their latest!

They went to Acencia Homeless Shelter and surprised a group of around 25 homeless people that thought they were just there for breakfast. In addition, they got a mobile day spa where they were able to enjoy mani/pedi’s, haircuts, massages, make overs and then also got to shop for new clothes and then were gifted rainproof jackets and backpacks full of goodies.

I dare you not to cry!!!

I appreciate this video even more, in light of all the tragedy and destruction happening in the world today, it’s such a breath of fresh air to see some kindness and compassion passed on to those who need and deserve it. Let’s learn a lesson here and spread love to everyone.

To raise more money for more #PRANKITFORWARDS watch, watch, watch and subscribe!

[via MediocreFilms]

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