Holy content, Batman! DC’s new streaming service just got a heck of a lot more interesting. DC Universe announced today what people can expect from the service and it’s a LOT! Not only will be there be new content, but older content you may have forgotten about! So just what can we expect?

Well if you are a fan of older DC movies and television, you’re in luck! Titles like Richard Donner‘s Superman, the 1970s Wonder Woman television series, and even Birds of Prey will be available on the service. The animation side of DC will also be coming in full force with many of our beloved titles such as Batman the Animated Series, Static Shock, Batman Beyond and more! Even newer animated features like Batman Ninja and Gotham by Gaslight. And this is just what they’re planning on sharing with their previous releases. I can already see myself spending far too many hours on this service, trying to catch up with all the DC features I’ve missed over the years.

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And if you thought that was great, they’re also opening their library! Members of the service will be able to read Action Comics #1, where we first met Superman. Detective Comics #27 where we first met Batman. You’ll also be able to read newer titles like the Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner Harley Quinn run and Justice League from Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. Given that it’s a bit hard for me to get my hands on these titles without paying a fortune, makes this part incredibly helpful and convenient.

And of course we have to mention the exclusive original series coming to the platform. Titans, Doom PatrolSwamp Thing, an animated Harley Quinn series and the return of fan favorites Young Justice. If we thought Arrowverse was character heavy, I can’t wait to see what these shows do with one another. My most anticipated has to be Titans, though. We’ve seen a little bit of it with images of Robin but I need to see the rest! And the only way I’ll be able to see the show is through the streaming service so I’m on board.

Fans will also be able to connect with one another in the community, able to share everything they love about their favorite superheroes. Members will also have access to exclusive merchandise, enter into raffles just for members of the site and much more. Have I mentioned how insanely awesome all of this sounds? Well we have to wait a bit longer to see all of it together but fans can sign up for potential beta testing set to launch in August of this year. My biggest question is when will we be seeing DCEU films on there? 

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think! I know I’m really excited. Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more news on DC Universe. We should be seeing a launch in fall of this year!