Fans of The Witcher, we were gifted with a treat without the trick! Earlier today, star Henry Cavill shared an exclusive look at him in full costume. Granted this likely isn’t the final look, but it’s still a pretty good look at what we can expect to see in the show. Are Geralt of Rivia’s white hairs flowing? Why yes, yes they are!

The short clip shows Cavill coming out of the darkness, rocking full Witcher garb with long, flowing white hair. Pretty reminiscent of Legolas, if I’m being honest. He stares into the camera with some five o’clock shadow and golden eyes before taking a swig from a small bottle. And there he is – Geralt of Rivia. And he’ll be coming in sometime in 2019.

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First impressions of the costume? I feel that they kept most of the screen dark for a reason. As stated this is a screen test, specifically for costume and makeup, so there’s a potential for things to change. Overall though, I’m not entirely impressed. The armor looks a bit cheap, his trademark eyes aren’t really cat-like in nature outside of the color, and the wig looks like it needs some help. In fact some fans have called out the costume for looking like it belonged as a knock-off costume. Poor Witch Hunter Gary. Nevertheless, this is very early days. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product and in action.

You can check out the first look below and tell us what you think! Do you like the costume? Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Witcher news. Netflix will be bringing us The Witcher sometime in 2019. 

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