Oh what a remarkable holiday it has been. I spent my time rewatching season one of The Witcher three times on Netflix, and I am getting ready for the fourth. But alas, we know that viewing a second season isn’t even possibly until 2021 the earliest. But being the wonderful gentleman he is, Henry Cavill popped onto his Instagram the other day to let us know that pre production will begin soon!

Season one of The Witcher was amazing and fans are still coming into the fold even at this moment. While the show itself had quite a few viewers confused about storylines and events, it tied up perfectly in the end. We have no idea what season two will bring, but it has been fun speculating who and what are going to make an appearance. All I know is that we need more Geralt, more Yennifer, more Ciri and more Roach. Not to mention we still have a war going on as well as figuring out exactly where Yennifer went.

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Henry Cavill also promised fans in his video that he will be updating them with more information as time went on and to keep checking back. Hopefully we get some behind the scenes action or even some backstage pictures over the next few months. Cavill also promised more morning cardio workout videos as well, which I will be holding him to. Check back with us as well as we prepare for the long wait for season two of The Witcher.

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P.S. Happy New Year!

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