DISCLAIMER: This recap of Helstrom episode “Underneath” is rife with spoilers galore. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, demon lovers and hunters! We’re two episodes away from the end of Helstrom Season One. Episode eight, “Underneath,” had some interesting plot points. Victoria is now Cathara-free thanks to Ana’s quick thinking. Daimon got The Blood off his back for good. Gabriella and Daimon shared a kiss, surprising no one. But before the pair could make a home run, Gabriella becomes possessed by Cathara. She proceeds to insert some creepy parasitic monster into Daimon’s back. Then, they had demon sex. As one does. While I shouldn’t be shocked that Cathara found a new host in Gabriella, I will say the plot moved somewhat briskly forward in this episode. In a season riddled with inconsistent pacing, this was a nice change of … pace. 

Ready to delve into “Underneath?” Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with Daimon (Tom Austen) frantically calling Ana (Sydney Lemmon) to warn her about The Blood. They did attack him, after all. Gabriella (Ariana Guerra) insists on Daimon going to the hospital for his gunshot wound. However, before she can say “Bob’s your uncle,” his wound heals. Demon powers sure come in handy. He informs Gabriella that there’s a second dagger discretely hidden, but probably not for long. Surely The Blood will be after it. Daimon also reveals that his father utilized the first dagger on his chest. It’s the only wound that’s never fully healed. How quaint that it’s right above his heart. So deep. 

Meanwhile, Cathara/Victoria (Elizabeth Marvel) is ominously singing a lullaby to her son. He’s lost his arms, so he’s basically a head attached to a torso. She decides to take the merciful route and yanks his heart out of his chest. Bye bye, son. That one-eyed skull did a number on him. 

Still of Sydney Lemmon in Helstrom.

Pictured: Sydney Lemmon in Helstrom. Photo by: Kailey Schwerman/Hulu

Next, Ana arrives at the hospital. Daimon calls her and the pair apologize regarding their previous spat. Daimon reveals that he’s en route to their childhood home so he can dig up the second dagger before The Blood — or Cathara — get their hands on it. 

Then, Daimon and Gabriella arrive at the former’s childhood home. It’s apparently up for sale and today is open house. They pretend to be a couple once the real estate agent present mistakes them for one. It’s Gabriella’s dream to be married to Daimon, obviously. Both notice that a few people from The Blood are posing as couples so they too can search for the dagger. Not on Daimon Helstrom’s watch! 

Later, Ana convinces Dr. Hastings (June Carryl) to join her on a perilous mission. It’s Operation: Kill Cathara! Hastings resolutely disagrees with this plan, citing that they should wait for Daimon. But let’s face it — Ana is the badass of the siblings. She won’t hesitate to kill Victoria if it comes down to it. Ana suggests that Hastings be the one to wield the dagger, to which the good doctor doth protest too much. Ana reminds Hastings that no one has suffered at Cathara’s hands more than her. For 20 years Hastings was at her beck and call. Come on! It’ll be a hoot! 

Still of June Carryl in Helstrom.

Pictured: June Carryl in Helstrom. Photo by: Kailey Schwerman/Hulu

Meanwhile, Daimon and Gabriella share a tender moment. Well, more like another moment wherein Gabriella asserts that Daimon is a good person and he tells her to get out if she knows what’s good for her. Sometimes the dialogue is a mite on the cheesy side. Okay, a lot cheesy. This is one of those moments. It’s a tired trope that we’ve seen played out on TV thousands of times before — a morally sound girl falls for a rough-around-the-edges demon. We’ve all been there! 

Then, Daimon heads out to a barn where he buried the second dagger. Ana and a reticent Hastings find the shipyard where Cathara/Victoria is hiding. Mommy Dearest sent an invitation for Daimon that was most likely a trap. Ana believes momma won’t be expecting her, so death will be easier to administer. They square off against an immensely weak Cothara. Ana holds her down and urges Hastings to stab away. Initially, she hesitates. But then Cothara’s powers kick in and she attempts to turn the dagger on Hastings. 

Later, Daimon is jumped by members of The Blood in the barn. He takes them all on like a demon pro, though. He decides to make an example of them. Gabriella walks in to find said members of The Blood hanging off the banisters by rope. Barn objects are underneath their feet. Daimon uses his telekinesis to remove the objects and bring these folks one step closer to death. Gabriella vehemently protests and urges Daimon to release them. He pulls on their ropes and is ready to make them swing. Gabriella is about to take out Daimon herself when Esther (Deborah Van Valkenburgh) emerges from the shadows. It was all a show for her. Daimon reminds her that he’s not like his father. He’s human, for starters. He has the power to kill and the power to save. T

Then, he demands The Blood lay off his family. Esther acquiesces. So … just like that? It’s over? That’s one gripe I have with this episode — this resolution feels hastily made. An ancient organization who’s been hunting those with the Helstrom name for decades just gives up? Regardless, Gabriella is glad that Daimon wasn’t actually going to kill them. 

Still of Elizabeth Marvel in Helstrom.

Pictured: Elizabeth Marvel in Helstrom. Photo by: Kailey Schwerman/Hulu

Meanwhile, Ana smothers Cathara/Victoria with a pillow after the latter stabs her in the leg with the dagger. Ah, family love! She believes that, once Victoria’s body dies, Cathara will vacate and find another host. Then, they can quickly resuscitate Victoria back to the Land of the Living. So, the first part of that is finished. Now, Hastings is attempting to resuscitate Victoria. Thankfully, after some chest pumping and verbal berating from Ana, Victoria comes back to life sans Cathara. Success!

Later, Daimon and Gabriella share a drink at the former’s humble abode. There’s some flirting. Ana calls to inform the duo that Victoria is fully herself again. Cathara is gone. Ana volunteers to spend the night observing momma so Daimon can relax. And get down. 

Next, Daimon and Gabriella go down to Smooch Town. This pairing has always felt forced to me. Their chemistry wasn’t really apparent until this episode. Anyway, Daimon is a considerate fellow and excuses himself to shower so he doesn’t continue reeking of barn. While he’s showering, an inexplicable breeze wafts through the mail slot in the front door. It overtakes Gabriella. We see it’s Cathara finding her new host. 

Then, Cathara/Gabriella tries to join Daimon in the shower. He quickly learns that it’s Cathara — or “Mother” — in a new form. However, she’s much stronger in Gabriella’s young, nimble body. She seize control of him and implants a parasitic monster into his back. It burrows into his flesh. Daimon is now possessed by … something. Frankly, he was already quite wooden before, so this version isn’t much different. The pair seal their demonic alliance with some sex, as you do in these scenarios. It doesn’t look like they’re having fun, though. 

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Demon/parasite sex! Honestly, the most interesting thing that’s happened thus far on Helstrom. Folks, whatever happened to Daddy Helstrom? Is he no longer a thing? I think the writers may have forgotten him. Or perhaps he was a foil for Cathara, the real Big Bad on the show? Again, I’d be disappointed if we didn’t get to see Daddy Helstrom after they talked a big game about him. Well, I guess we have two more episodes to find out. 



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