DISCLAIMER: This recap of Helstrom episode “Scars” is laden with spoilers aplenty. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, demon lovers and hunters! Helstrom rolled the pace back a bit with its seventh installment, “Scars.” While the inconsistencies are a bit grating this late in the season, I’m still curious as to how it all ends. Daimon is still as bland as ever. In this episode he gets emotional and admittedly it feels forced. Meanwhile, Ana cries. Sydney Lemmon did manage to make me feel for Ana, so props for that. As per usual, Elizabeth Marvel is a delightfully devilish demon. Plot-wise, the story went stagnant. We now know that Keith, the possessed nurse, is actually Cathara’s son. But what about Daddy Helstrom? He’s either at large or he’s not around at all. I’m not sure which one is the case. 

Ready to delve into “Scars?” Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with a young Ana being supervised by a novitiate Hastings (June Carryl) and Taker (Robert Wisdom). Hastings is afraid to take Ana in, and even Taker is hesitant to do the same. He suggests they let her fall into the foster system and he checks in on her from time to time. But both agree that it’s best to keep Ana and Daimon separate. Young Ana proceeds to crack a window with her mind because demon powers. 

Back in the present, Daimon (Tom Austen) and Ana (Sydney Lemmon) bicker over how the Not-Daddy-Helstrom situation was handled. Daimon is irked because their mother became collateral damage in all this. Ana is irked because Daimon refuses to trust her. Everyone is just irked. Ana storms out and decides to head back to San Francisco. Sibling bonding time over! 

Still of June Carryl in Helstrom.

Pictured: June Carryl in Helstrom. Photo by: Katie Yu/Hulu

Meanwhile, Hastings and Gabriella (Ariana Guerra) are chatting about the previous night’s events. After Hastings leaves, Gabriella pops open the trunk of a car nearby to find Keith’s wife inside. Apparently, after essentially eating her lips, he kidnapped her. Gabriella ushers the poor woman inside the hospital. 

Next, we see the possessed priest popping in to a junkyard with supplies for Cathara/Victoria (Elizabeth Marvel). He showers Cathara in street drugs in the hopes that they’ll sustain Victoria’s human husk until a new host is found. We see Keith, whose body only exists from the torso up. Well, he’s not actually Keith anymore. He’s one of Cathara’s sons. A family reunion! 

Later, Taker is in the back of a van. He too was kidnapped after the events of the massacre at The Blood headquarters. Now, he was taken by his own team members, which tells me that teamwork is not the crux of The Blood’s organization. Taker is being punished for his negligence and his desire to entertain Ana’s antics for far too long. 

Then, we see Daimon is relaxing at home shirtless, as one does. He sees a vision of his mother materialize. Her face is covered in maggots. However, it’s only a dream. Daimon wakes up in the hospital. Gabriella is present. She asks him if he wants to question the one possessed patient the hospital was able to sedate. Someone who may know Cathara’s next move. 

Next, Daimon and Gabriella are interrogating said possessed patient. He’s an elderly man. This man reveals that Cathara is on the hunt for a new host. So, Keith’s wife was meant to be the next human host once Victoria went kaput. Meanwhile, Hastings asks for help from the Catholic church regarding The Blood and their practices. She’s resolutely rejected. Because if something doesn’t affect you, then why get involved? The human mantra in a nutshell. 

Still of Ariana Geurra and Tom Austen in Helstrom.

Pictured: Ariana Geurra and Tom Austen in Helstrom. Photo by: Katie Yu/Hulu

Now, Ana and Chris (Alain Uy) are back in San Fran in their antiquities warehouse. Ana wants to dive headfirst into work, to which Chris instantly shuts her down. He urges her to rest for a bit. Get her head right. However, Ana is referring to tracking down her father. Chris is also not a fan of this. 

Later, Taker arrives at his house, where Esther (Deborah Van Valkenburgh) is waiting for him. If you’ll recall, Esther was his associate from the beginning of the season. The Blood has decided that Taker is unfit for his station. It’s time to take out the Helstroms once and for all. Taker tries to defend the powerful siblings by reminding Esther that everyone is on the same side. Esther isn’t buying it though. She calls Daimon and attempts to strike a deal. Naturally, Daimon shoots her down. So, Esther interprets this as a sign of war. She proceeds to test out a variety of ancient daggers on Taker’s bare chest to figure out which one will inflict the most damage on the Helstroms. 

After a while, Esther’s associate finds the exact blade that left a scar on Taker’s chest. He incurred that scar from facing off against Daddy Helstrom. Bingo! Meanwhile, Daimon confronts Hastings at the hospital. He learned from Esther that Hastings and Taker struck a deal 20 years ago to keep the Helstrom siblings separated. Secrets don’t make friends, Hastings! Daimon, feeling betrayed, storms out. 

Next, Chris’ policeman boyfriend shows up in a rage. Someone hacked the police database from this warehouse. Of course, we know it was Ana in an attempt to hunt down her father. But she keeps mum on the whole affair. Chris fabricates an excuse to stave off his boyfriend’s anger. 

Meanwhile, Gabriella finds Daimon at his home drinking. Girl needs to lay off. Honestly, he’s not that interesting and she can do so much better. He’s brooding Wonder bread. Anyway, she proffers more sage wisdom his way. Also, have you ever noticed she’s always helping him out but he doesn’t do much in return? One-sided, folks. Gabriella urges Daimon to forgive Hastings for purposefully extricating him from his sister. Daimon decides to give Esther a call. Perhaps brokering a deal wouldn’t be such a bad idea. She reveals that Taker will be present for their deal. 

Later, Ana catches Chris’ boyfriend outside the police station and follows him home. Now, one would think she’s about to jump him. However, when she faces him outside his apartment, Ana apologizes for hacking the police database. She vows to never force Chris to bend over backwards for her again. She asks if they can hug it out. When they do, Ana starts squeezing a little too hard. She’s going to kill him … at least that’s what we’re led to believe. Ana pulls away and flees the scene. 

Still of Robert Wisdom in Helstrom.

Pictured: Robert Wisdom in Helstrom. Photo by: Katie Yu/Hulu

Then, we see Cathara fawning over her nearly dead son. He scrawls a symbol on the wall in his own blood. A spiral. What does it mean? That there’s another body out there. Another what, though? A host? I’m confused. 

Back at her warehouse, Ana procures her jewelry box and promptly drops it on the ground. She begins to sob. Chris finds her crying and is taken aback by the unusual sight. She reveals that she almost did something horrible, just like her father. Of course, Ana didn’t disclose that she damn near killed Chris’ boyfriend. Ana comes to the realization that her family needs her. “Yes, we do,” says Chris. Huh? Is he possessed by her father, perhaps? 

Next, Gabriella and Daimon meet Esther and her cronies at their designated location. However, Taker isn’t with them in the van. Her lackeys jump Daimon, brandishing the very blade that can inflict those most harm on his kind. Daimon is bewildered by the blade’s appearance, instantly falling into flashbacks from his encounter with said dagger as a child. Suddenly, one of Esther’s henchmen shoots Daimon. The bullet wound instantly heals. Then, Daimon sets those two lackeys on fire, as you do. Gabriella is shocked by what she’s witnessing. Daimon is essentially a demon himself. Give in to the Dark Side, Daimon! We have cookies! 

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So, this episode has left me with some questions. What did Chris mean when he referred to himself as part of Ana’s family? What was Cathara’s son referring to when he discovered someone/something else was out there? I’m chalk full of questions, folks. Again, I appreciate the actual character development for Ana. I wish the other characters could be fleshed out as well. I don’t buy Gabriella and Daimon’s chemistry. In fact, I think it’s one-sided, and even that’s not entirely convincing. I will say the lighting was much better in this episode. So … kudos? Let’s keep watching, friends, and see where this goes. 



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