DISCLAIMER: This recap of Helstrom episode is rife with spoilers galore. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, demon lovers and hunters! Helstrom finally kicked it into high gear with “Leviathan,” its sixth installment. This episode had action aplenty, some horror and even a smattering of character development for our headstrong Ana. Additionally, we were privy to some mother-children bonding time. People burying the figurative hatchet. People utilizing a literal hatchet. The episode ended on a nice cliffhanger as well. That seemingly indestructible demon that the Helstrom siblings fought? Not Daddy Helstrom, as it turned out. Cathara has seized control of Victoria once again and escaped the hospital in the back of a supply truck. Time to wreak havoc! 

Ready to delve into “Leviathan?” Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with the nurse from the first episode leaving his home to go to work. If you recall, homeboy was possessed earlier on. His wife begs him not to leave. In response, he essentially eats her lips. It’s definitely not gory and very romantic. Then, he hops in the car with the possessed priest that tried to kill Gabriella and flees the scene. 

Meanwhile, Ana (Sydney Lemmon) is hanging out with Chris (Alain Uy). Chris appears to have moved beyond the Renfield stage in obsessive behavior. However, when Ana attempts to leave, Chris tries to weasel his way out. That’s when she realizes that her best friend still has a hankering for the one-eyed skull. Observation time continues!

Next, we see Daimon (Tom Austen) and Gabriella (Ariana Guerra) are at The Blood’s headquarters cleaning up the remnants of a bloody massacre. It appears the possessed humans were freed from their perpetual comas and the normal humans were slaughtered. One woman is on the brink of death and Gabriella recites last rites for her. Daimon wholeheartedly believes that his father is behind this. Daddy Helstrom would!

Later, Dr. Hastings (June Carryl) attempts to get Ana to spend time with Mommy Dearest. However, as per her usual, Ana avoids doing anything that requires emotional heavy lifting. They learn about the massacre at The Blood headquarters. Both women have tried to contact Taker but to no avail. He’s not taking calls at the moment. 

Still of June Carryl, Sydney Lemmon and Elizabeth Marvel in Helstrom.

Pictured (L to R): June Carryl, Sydney Lemmon and Elizabeth Marvel in Helstrom. Photo by: Katie Yu/Hulu

Finally, Ana pops in to see Victoria (Elizabeth Marvel). She has the one-eyed skull on her person, since it keeps Cathara at bay. Victoria attempts to make small talk with Ana, but the latter isn’t having it. She berates her mother for not trying to flee from their father. For not knowing exactly who he was. Even as a levelheaded human, Marvel is still a captivating performer. She steals every scene she’s in. This scene, for me, is the start of Ana’s development. We start to see her trademark iciness melt away. She suggests they go outside for a chat and a jaunt. 

Meanwhile, Gabriella and Daimon are heading to the hospital to report on their findings. Gabriella’s tire gives out, so they pull off the road to a mechanic’s establishment. Daimon is about to call a tow truck, but the mechanic on site urges them to stay. He can fix the tire situation for them. Something is off about this fellow. Daimon and Ana decide to stay. 

Next, we see the possessed nurse, Keith, boldly strolling down the hospital corridor. At this point, I assumed this was supposed to be Daddy Helstrom. Keith is on a mission — find Victoria. However, he discovers her room is empty. Ana and Victoria are now outside reminiscing about going to the zoo and botanical gardens. We see Ana continuing to unfreeze with this scene. 

Later, Daimon notices something is off with the mechanic workshop. He finds the actual mechanic is dead, and one of the possessed coma patients from The Blood killed him. Outside, another possessed patient drags Gabriella away, but not before Daimon burns him alive. Every time Daimon burns something or someone, it physically takes a toll on him. Daimon believes this was all a setup — his father’s way of luring him out of the picture. 

Then, Hastings learns that the hospital is under attack. She thinks it’s Daddy Helstrom. Ana urges Victoria to hold fast to the one-eyed skull, since they’ll need it to vanquish her father. We see more coma patients from The Blood headquarters wreaking havoc in the hospital. They free the regular human patients, for starters. Keith turns one of the doctors into a demon. Hastings, Ana and Victoria have a run-in with said possessed doctor, who swipes the one-eyed skull and makes a break for it. 

Prior to tracking down the possessed doctor, Hastings apologizes to Ana for not taking her in when the latter was little. Ana simply urges her to not die. They find Chris with the skull. He slaughtered the possessed doctor with a hatchet. Apparently, he was holding on to it for Ana. He’s Renfield no more! 

Still of Elizabeth Marvel, Tom Austen and Ariana Guerra in Helstrom.

Pictured (L to R): Elizabeth Marvel, Tom Austen and Ariana Guerra in Helstrom. Photo by: Katie Yu/Hulu

Now, Daimon and Gabriella arrive on the scene. Daimon saves Victoria from a scheming demon with essentially the flick of his wrist. Everyone comes together and debates their next move. Victoria begins her Apology Tour 2020 by making an impassioned apology to both of her children. She believes the only way to stop Daddy Helstrom is to sacrifice herself. 

Suddenly, Daddy Helstrom a.k.a. Keith makes his grand appearance. He knocks everyone aside and snatches up Victoria. Daimon and Ana follow them down to the parking lot. Ana delivers plenty of kicks and punches his way. Daimon gets his fair share of fighting in too. However, Daddy Helstrom gains the upper hand. His torso opens up like the Demogorgon in Stranger Things. But before he can eat his son, Ana throws the one-eyed skull into Daddy Helstrom’s open torso mouth? Something like that. Anyway, the skull essentially turns Daddy Helstrom into raw ground meat. His body is torn asunder. He grabs Ana’s wrist and sends her a telepathic message. 

Still of Sydney Lemmon in Helstrom.

Pictured: Sydney Lemmon in Helstrom. Photo by: Katie Yu/Hulu

Then, we see Victoria reel what’s left of Daddy Helstrom into the back of a supply truck. Except it’s not Victoria … it’s Cathara holding the reins now. They speed off into the night. 

Daimon is relieved that at least Daddy Helstrom is incapacitated. That is, until Ana reveals that the demon wasn’t their father.

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While this episode is definitely the best of the bunch, I wouldn’t call it spectacular. Helstrom has taken a while to build up its main story line. Almost too long. But the action in “Leviathan” was enjoyable. Marvel is still the anchor in my opinion. Playing two characters at once is no easy feat. Ana’s baby steps character development is better than what we’ve seen in the past, but is it too little too late? Daimon is still uninteresting and we virtually know nothing about Gabriella. Another gripe — the cinematography. Some of the scenes are so darkly lit that I can’t see what’s happening. Overall, I feel Helstrom struggles to strike that perfect balance between character development and story development. But there’s still four episodes left. Let’s see where this journey takes us. 



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