DISCLAIMER: This recap of Helstrom episode “Containment” is laden with spoilers aplenty. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, demon lovers and hunters! Helstrom continues to chug along with a slow-burn fourth installment. One gripe I have with the series is the inconsistent pacing. Despite that, Helstrom still keeps me invested. The elevated stakes certainly make things interesting. Not to mention, Elizabeth Marvel incessantly steals the show by churning in one enthralling performance after another. That woman is a powerhouse. “Containment” brought our Helstrom siblings together for a sojourn to San Francisco in search of the one-eyed skull. Unfortunately, Chris absconded with it after the skull entranced him. Time to do the bidding of Skull Master now! Meanwhile, Taker revealed his true profession to Gabriella, who can’t seem to shake her uncompromising faith. 

Ready to delve into “Containment?” Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with Gabriella (Ariana Guerra) at church. She enters a confessional to lay her sins bare before the priest within. She reveals her real mission from the Vatican: to keep her eyes trained on Daimon and Ana. Aha! However, he seems more interested in her infatuation with Daimon. Too interested, if you ask me. Suddenly, he launches a hand through the barrier toward Gabriella. Father, I think you’re possessed. 

Next, we take a trip to the previous day. Gabriella receives a call from Daimon (Tom Austen), so she moseys on over to his humble abode. Ana (Sydney Lemmon) answers the door. Much to Ana’s dismay, Gabriella isn’t there to see her. Gabriella is answering the Daimon Helstrom siren song. Frankly, I wish Gabriella was into Ana. Ana’s much more interesting. 

Later, Daimon assembles the squad for an impromptu meeting. Dr. Hastings (June Carryl) and Taker (Robert Wisdom) also pop in for said meeting. Everyone is made aware that Ana was attacked by Daddy Helstrom the previous night. So, the old man is back from the dead. Taker reveals that, while it’s impossible to destroy energy, it can be transferred. The one-eyed skull that Ana extracted from Daddy Helstrom’s crypt holds an immense amount of power. Demons have keepers. Even a being as seemingly indestructible as Daddy Helstrom. That skull is their father’s keeper. Unfortunately, it’s back in San Francisco. 

Not unfortunately, Ana plans to go fetch it. Daimon decides to join in on the road trip fun. Sibling bonding time! Gabriella feels conflicted about the whole shebang. Now, we’re back in the confessional when the priest attacks Gabriella. Thankfully, Taker is there to subdue the possessed priest and ultimately save Gabriella from a demonic death. Taker reveals that he wants to show the young novitiate something. 

Meanwhile, Ana and Daimon arrive at the former’s antiquities room in San Francisco. They bicker, as per their usual. Ana goes to where she last left the skull, only to find it missing … and a mercilessly slaughtered body in its wake. If you’ll recall, Chris killed rich boy’s brother at the skull’s behest. Speaking of…

Ana and Daimon Helstrom arrive on Hulu in October

(L-R): Sydney Lemmon & Tom Austen as Ana and Daimon Helstrom Credit: Katie Yu/Hulu

Now, Chris (Alain Uy) is meandering through a park with a bag in hand. Presumably, said bag contains Skull Master 3000. He busts open the lock to a side door with a rock and enters what appears to be catacombs. Creepy!

Later, Taker and Gabriella arrive at a hotel. Well, this isn’t your momma’s hotel. It’s actually headquarters for an ancient organization known as The Blood. The Blood captures possessed humans and puts them in a perpetual coma to subdue the demons within. 

Then, Ana and Daimon take a looksee at the security footage. They spot Chris slaughtering rich boy’s brother with what appears to be an ancient ax. Very Medieval. Daimon comments on Ana’s inability to express emotion of any kind. Ana’s seen it all, though — murder doesn’t phase her anymore. Next, Ana utilizes her abilities to turn rich boy’s brother into a compact cube. Like a trash compactor! She could start a business based on that premise alone. Again, Daimon is taken aback by Ana’s brusque and pragmatic approach to ditching a dead body. 

Meanwhile, Hastings decides to take Victoria (Elizabeth Marvel) for an outside stroll. The demon within Victoria is taking a massive toll on her physically. Hastings notices something is different with Victoria. The demon appears to be … normal. Relaxed, even. She regales Hastings with a memory of long ago, when she could feel the sun on her skin and her children were near. No, not Daimon and Ana. The demon’s children. She reveals that, like Hastings, she’s a woman scorned. A woman that has lost everything and simply wants vengeance. Aw, Hastings is bonding with a demon! Let me reiterate — Marvel is truly a marvel to behold. 

Later, Chris’ boyfriend wanders into Ana’s antiquities space. He’s irate because Ana treats Chris like a dog. He demands to know of Chris’ whereabouts. However, Daimon and Ana only know that Chris absconded with the one-eyed skull to God knows where. Ana fabricates a story about Chris traveling overseas at her behest to track down some ancient (and expensive) coins. Thankfully, the boyfriend buys it. Daimon is, once again, bewildered by Ana’s seamless ability to lie. 

Next, Gabriella expresses her dismay regarding how The Blood handles things. Leaving human beings in permanent comas to contain the demons within isn’t solving the problem. She suggests that Daimon take a crack at exorcising the folks here. However, Taker retorts that Daimon’s way of doing things doesn’t always end with rainbows and unicorns. I fear Gabriella is going the “Mary Sue” route. I hope I’m wrong. 

Meanwhile, Ana reveals what she really does. She killed the rich boy because he murdered innocent women. Ana asserts that she only kills people who truly deserve it. Scum of the Earth types. Daimon subtly accuses her of being like their father. But Ana believes she’s ridding the world of people like him. She’s a vigilante! 

Then, we see Chris is sitting in the catacombs with Skull Master. The skull bites into his forearm yet again and draws quite a bit of blood. Chris decides to eat a spider because yum. All hail Skull Master!

Later, Hastings decides to take Victoria back inside. However, Victoria stalwartly refuses to go in her room. The demon within reverts back to her conniving ways. We learn that she gave Hastings lung cancer, which isn’t very nice, Demon Victoria! Hastings orders her orderly to force Victoria back in her room if need be. 

Still of Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon in Helstrom.

Pictured: Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon in Helstrom. Photo by: Katie Yu/Hulu

Next, Daimon finds Ana gazing at the jewelry box from the first episode. All the trinkets within are actually mementos from Daddy Helstrom’s victims. When Ana was little, she was under the assumption that these were gifts. Tokens of her father’s affection, not permanent reminders of the dead. Ana utilizes them as a power source — they fuel her as she continues her mission to eradicate the world of Daddy Helstroms. 

Then, Ana is at a loss regarding how to dispose of the dead body. Daimon steps in with his gifts and essentially incinerates the body down to nothing. As if it never existed. The Helstroms sure make a good team!

Meanwhile, Gabriella storms out of The Blood headquarters. She barges into Hastings’ office and reveals her findings regarding the ancient organization. However, Hastings knows all about it. As does the Vatican. Gabriella doesn’t know what to believe anymore. 

Later, Daimon and Ana head back to Portland sans one-eyed skull and no idea where Chris took it. Daimon enters his home to find the revived frat boy from last episode. You know, Daddy Helstrom’s lackey. He has a proposition for Daimon — hand over Ana and Mommy Dearest goes free. No more torment. No more possession. But Daimon refuses to give up his sister, even if it may save his mother. The pair square off. Just as it looks like Daimon is on the losing end, Ana shows up and kicks the demon frat boy’s ass. She holds him in place so Daimon can exorcise him. Team work makes the dream work! Ana reveals that her hotel room was given up, so she figured she’d save money by crashing with him. Aw, they’re bonding! 

Now, we see Victoria screeching in agony in her room. Whether that’s the demon inside or really her remains to be seen. Back in the catacombs, Chris is still held in Skull Master’s sway. We see a tangible eyeball briefly flash inside the one-eyed skulls bony socket. 

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Y’all, Helstrom is a slow crawl, but I think we’re building to something epic. Daddy Helstrom is practically unstoppable. I’m curious to see how the Helstrom siblings put an end to his demonic ways. Gabriella’s unwavering morality is a mite grating, so I’m hoping she’ll fully fall in line with Team Helstrom despite her conflicting beliefs. Marvel is a bright spot in this dark world. Lemmon’s Ana proves to be far more intriguing than Austen’s Daimon. Regardless of the show’s flaws, I’m still in it for good. Let’s see where this train goes, folks. 



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