DISCLAIMER: This recap of Helstrom episode “The One Who Got Away” is rife with spoilers aplenty. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, demon lovers and hunters! Helstrom aired its best episode of the bunch thus far. This episode had the perfect balance of drama, action and horror. Ana came face-to-face with Daddy Helstrom. Yes, that one. He’s hellbent on finishing some unfinished business. We learned that Taker and Dr. Hastings are best buddies. Also, Ana witnessed some pretty horrific atrocities while in her father’s captivity. We also had a brief moment of sibling contentment at the end there. Here’s hoping Daimon and Ana can set aside their differences and focus on the task at hand — defeat Daddy Helstrom. 

Ready to delve into “The One Who Got Away?” Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with a pile of dead bodies in a fraternity house. One lone boy is being chased by a hooded figure who presumably, is the killer. After slaughtering the last frat boy, the hooded killer perches on a throne that looks out over the pile of corpses. One corpse is reanimated and surges forth to do hooded killer’s bidding. The revived frat boy reveals that “traitor Helstrom” has been warned. Something tells me hooded man might be Daddy Helstrom. 

Meanwhile, Ana (Sydney Lemmon) is brushing her teeth. Suddenly, she starts choking as bloody hunks of flesh pour from her mouth. Yummy. However, it’s all a dream. Ana wakes up to a phone call from Daimon (Tom Austen). He excitedly reveals that Mommy Dearest is back — for real. She’s the real McCoy this time. Ana is reticent to believe him, but she drags herself out of bed to head to the hospital all the same. 

Ana and Daimon Helstrom arrive on Hulu in October

Pictured: Sydney Lemmon as Ana and Tom Austen as Daimon in Helstrom. Photo by: Katie Yu/Hulu

Next, Ana finds Taker (Robert Wisdom) sitting in the lobby of her hotel. Was he following her? Yes. But that’s because she won’t return his calls. Rude! Ana continues to evade his line of questioning and flees the scene. 

Later, Daimon and Ana enter Victoria’s (Elizabeth Marvel) room. Victoria rolls over and her face lights up at the sight of Ana. She affectionately calls her daughter “Button.” Ana wonders if perhaps Victoria is back for good. Victoria starts rambling about the snow outside … except there’s no snow to be found. Suddenly, the demon takes over and Mommy Dearest is out of the picture. Daimon learns that Daddy Helstrom is topside, despite having perished and been cremated years ago. Of course, Ana learned all about this revelation in the last episode. 

Then, Daimon and Ana relay their findings to Dr. Hastings (June Carryl) and Gabriella (Ariana Guerra). Daimon and Gabriella are in disbelief that Daddy Helstrom is among the living, but Ana steadfastly believes he’s back . Gabriella reveals that one woman who survived Daddy Helstrom’s attacks might be of help to them. Now, it’s Ana’s turn to be incredulous. She asserts that no one survived her father’s cruelty. Gabriella convinces the siblings to meet said woman. 

Next, Hastings wanders into her office to find Taker sitting in her chair. Apparently, the pair go way back. Both were tasked with keeping the Helstrom siblings separated. Hastings stayed with Daimon, naturally, and Taker kept his eyes on Ana. Hastings is hesitant to accept the warmth radiating from Taker, but what the hell. Bygones, right? 

Meanwhile, Ana grills Gabriella regarding her sexuality and celibacy (or lack thereof). This smacks of flirtation on Ana’s part. I’ll allow it. Daimon apologizes for his sister’s lack of boundaries. 

Now, Taker persuades Hastings to let him see Victoria. However, once Taker approaches the door to Victoria’s room, she promptly slams the eye slit shut with her demon abilities. I’ll take that as a “no.” 

Then, our trio arrive at the survivor’s home. Her name is Zoey, and she’s already on the defense. Gabriella warmly explains that she’s with the hospital and she’s merely here to assess Zoey as a survivor of a traumatic event. Initially, Zoey slams the door on the group. However, she changes her mind and allows Daimon, Ana and Gabriella inside her house. We see the revived frat boy sitting across the street, ominously observing the scene unfold. Daddy Helstrom’s little minion. 

Next, Gabriella proceeds to ask Zoey questions regarding the latter’s experience. Zoey recalls that a young girl approached her that day. Zoey was determined to reunite the little girl with her father. We see Ana is having flashbacks amid this recollection. Ana excused herself to the restroom, which is upstairs. Daimon follows her. Ana wholeheartedly believes that Zoey isn’t alone. Additionally, she thinks Zoey is lying. The pair start to bicker, as per their usual. 

Back downstairs, Ana confronts Zoey. She forcefully grabs Zoey’s arm, to which the latter responds by screaming at the group to leave. Outside, Ana reveals that she remembered that girl — the real Zoey. She burned alive that day. Ana saw the whole scene unfurl. She storms off, leaving Daimon and Gabriella behind. 

Meanwhile, a patient at the hospital has targeted Taker as his murder victim. Why? Chances are he’s possessed. The fire alarm goes off, and said patient launches toward Taker. The pair physically duke it out. Thankfully, Taker gets the upper hand and subdues the man. That’s when he notices that Hastings has pill bottles in her pocket. 

Still of Robert Wisdom in Helstrom.

Pictured: Robert Wisdom as Taker in Helstrom. Photo by: Katie Yu/Hulu

Next, we see Ana is in the fetal position in her bed. She’s reliving the day Zoey apparently survived. Daimon and Gabriella are having coffee. He confesses that he doesn’t know how to approach Ana. Gabriella proffers sage wisdom which resonates with Daimon. Suddenly, he realizes that Ana is mostly likely going to return to Zoey’s house. 

Then, Hastings reveals to Taker that she has lung cancer. That’s what the medications are for. She refuses to go the chemotherapy route. Additionally, she divulges to Taker that Gabriella will be her replacement. He urges Hastings to refrain from surrender. He’s here now, as her friend. But really, right now Hastings just wants a good street taco. Girl, me too. 

Now, we see Ana at the club. She’s stalking the crowd for her prey. Most likely, that’s Zoey. She finally spots the girl in the throng of people and proceeds to follow her. Meanwhile, Daimon and Gabriella return to Zoey’s house. Gabriella finds a badly burned woman downstairs setting the house ablaze. She’s the real victim of Daddy Helstrom’s atrocities. Apparently, Zoey was trying to protect her sister by hiding her from the world. Thankfully, both Daimon and Gabriella convince the sister to flee with them and not succumb to suicide. They leave before the flames wholly engulf the house. 

Later, Ana follows Zoey into an abandoned warehouse. Well, the fake Zoey, that is. Suddenly, Daddy Helstrom appears. Zoey and her sister concocted a revenge plan against Ana. They tag teamed with Daddy Helstrom, who vowed to take care of Ana. Although he now looks different, Ana recognized him right away. The pair squared off, but Daddy Helstrom gained the upper hand this time. After he leaves, Ana tries to flee herself without being seen. Daimon and Gabriella find her bloodied and bruised after her scuffle with Daddy Helstrom. Finally, Daimon believes his sister. He’s officially back. 

Meanwhile, Taker and Hastings are enjoying those street tacos. I really like this pair together. They discuss the impending sh*t that’ll inevitably hit the fan. Hastings is just plain tired of fighting for everyone but herself. Girl, me too. But Taker reminds her that the keeping the Helstrom siblings together is bad news bears. Especially since Daddy Helstrom is back. It’s only a matter of time before all four Helstroms reunite. Then it’s really a party!

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It’s official — this is the best episode of Helstrom thus far. Granted, there are still seven episodes left of Season One. The plot surged forward in “The One Who Got Away.” Elizabeth Marvel continues to stun with her nuanced performance. The dynamic between Daimon and Ana remains one of the more interesting parts of the series. Gabriella is sweet, but I hope she doesn’t become a “Mary Sue” type character. Her confession last episode about what she did in Rome made me think there’s more brewing beneath the surface. Perhaps we’ll see another side of her as the season progresses. I also hope we learn more about who and what Daddy Helstrom really is. 

Do you think we’ll get a reunion with all four Helstroms? Will Hastings continue to fight the good fight? Will Ana finally relent and let someone hug her? She really needs one. 



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