DISCLAIMER: This recap of Helstrom episode “Viaticum” is laden with spoilers. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back, demon lovers and hunters! Helstrom is cruising right along with “Viaticum,” its second installment. Daimon learned why Ana decided to return to Portland. We also saw their fractured relationship at play. Ana paid Mommy Dearest a visit at the hospital, much to Dr. Hastings’ chagrin. Gabriella revealed to Daimon that she’s not as innocent as she appears. Oh, and Victoria didn’t send her lackeys to unleash what was in the sarcophagus … she sent them to kill it. Methinks that said sarcophagus prisoner is none other than Daddy Helstrom. Family reunion time, perhaps? 

Ready to delve into “Viaticum?” Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with a flashback — baby Ana is sitting in the back of her father’s car. She’s jamming out to The Cranberries on her discman when she spots a darkened figure dragging a body. It’s Daddy Helstrom doing some nasty work, obviously. 

Fast forward 20 years later. Adult Ana (Sydney Lemmon) gets a call from Taker (Robert Wisdom), her caretaker friend from the cemetery, that the dead bodies in the crypt are from Saint Theresa Hospital. You know, where Mommy Dearest resides. Ana’s heart drops. We see the flowers from a flower shop beside her instantly wilt. 

Next, we see Ana sitting in a diner with Daimon (Tom Austen). It’s a sour sibling reunion. Daimon urges Ana to open up, but the latter retains her frostiness. Ana reveals she wants to speak with their mother. Daimon also reveals that Victoria’s very human body won’t be able to withstand demonic possession for much longer. Ana flees before their food arrives. Well, that’s not very nice. You just left your brother to foot the bill. 

Then, we see the truck driver from the previous episode stumble onto a roadway looking worse for the wear. It’s quite clear he’s been possessed by whatever held the nurse captive. A sweet boy pulls over in his car to help the possessed truck driver. Your mistake, bro. 

Meanwhile, Ana receives a call from Chris (Alain Uy). Chris informs her that the public bought the ruse that rich boy committed suicide. Success! He also inquires as to her whereabouts. Ana avoids providing a concrete answer. This is why people have trust issues, Ana. We see she’s standing in front of the hospital. 

Later, Ana reunites with Dr. Hastings (June Carryl). Hastings is not too pleased to see her. Ana urges Hastings to let her visit Victoria solo, but the latter isn’t having it. She knows full well that Ana loves to play mind games. 

Next, we see truck driver is en route to the hospital courtesy of the good Samaritan that pulled over. However, it’s not long before the demon overcomes him and launches toward the driver. A semi-truck smashes into them. Well, that escalated quickly. 

Meanwhile, Hastings reluctantly grants Ana’s wish, but only if she can tag along. Victoria (Elizabeth Marvel) sits before them in a mood. She stoically stares into space while Ana attempts to snap her out of it. Suddenly, Ana slaps Victoria. Victoria sends both Ana and Hastings flying across the room in retaliation. There she is! 

Ana and Daimon Helstrom arrive on Hulu in October

(L-R): Sydney Lemmon & Tom Austen as Ana and Daimon Helstrom Credit: Katie Yu/Hulu

Then, Gabriella (Ariana Guerra) receives an urgent phone call. She tracks down Daimon to deliver the news, only to find him going toe-to-toe with Ana. Daimon chastises Ana for slapping Victoria. Both engage in a heated exchange. We see objects around them begin to move. Thankfully, before things get too messy, Hastings lays down the law. That’s when Gabriella reveals that a dying man is possessed and needs their attention. Daimon reticently flees the scene with Gabriella. 

Later, Daimon and Gabriella are en route to an accident that involves this possessed dying man. Daimon shares some of his story with Gabriella, specifically that both he and Ana inherited their powers from their father. Gabriella reveals that she’s not as innocent as she seems. She’s bore witness to the very worst of humanity amid her tenure in Rome. So bring on the demons, baby!

Meanwhile, Chris is in Ana’s artifact room putting an ax away. Apparently, Ana missed another client appraisal. Taker shows up and scare the shirt out of him. He reveals that Ana’s in Portland visiting You Know Who. Chris is offended that she withheld vital information from him, especially at the expense of their business. After Taker leaves, Chris becomes enthralled by Ana’s one-eyed skull. That can’t be good. 

Then, Taker is seen sitting in a truck with a mystery woman. They’re discussing Ana’s whereabouts. She’s reunited with her brother, which both agree is a no-no. Taker reveals that he knows just how powerful Ana is, and if need be he’ll take her out. Mystery woman and Taker appear to be involved in some elusive organization that are prepared to take out Helstroms. Interesting. 

Later, Daimon and Gabriella are at the scene of the accident. A priest, who attempted to say last rites to the possessed dying man, received a flying side mirror to the nose. Our duo discover that said dying man will inevitably bleed out if he’s drudged up from the wreckage. His family has been contacted. Unfortunately, the innocent boy who picked up the possessed man died. 

Meanwhile, Chris is enamored with the one-eyed skull. In fact, he’s sitting on the floor and staring deeply into its vacant one-eyed bone socket. Suddenly, Chris pries open the jaws, places his forearm within and we see rows of teeth sink into his flesh. That’s normal and not at all creepy. 

Back at the hospital, Ana attempts to weasel her way back into Victoria’s room for Round Two, but Hastings is immovable in her stance. Daimon and Gabriella approach the possessed dying man. Daimon notices that the man’s forearm bears an interesting mark. Said mark can only be made by the oldest and strongest of demons. These demons lay claim to their targets and completely drain them of life, that way no lower level entities can take hold. This particular demon knows Daimon by name, as do many of his ilk. They refer to Daimon as a traitor. Gabriella attempts to persuade the demon to allow the dying man to make peace with his family. But, you know, demons be demons. 

Still from Hulu's Helstrom.

Pictured: Elizabeth Marvel as Victoria Helstrom. Photo by: Katie Yu/Hulu

Next, Ana and Hastings visit Victoria again. Victoria subtly sends Hastings out of the room with a bad cough, leaving mother and daughter alone for bonding time. Ana learns the hard way that her powers won’t work on Mommy Dearest. 

Then, we see Daimon and Gabriella chatting it up with the demon/dying man. This demon reveals that the one who marked him walked the Earth prior to humanity and will continue to walk it after everyone is gone. He’s omniscient and omnipotent. Sounds like one scary dude. 

Meanwhile, Daimon places his hand on the forearm of the dying man where the mark resides. Gabriella begins reciting scripture. Suddenly, a ring of fire materializes. The demon struggles to maintain his spot inside the dying man. 

Now, Ana attempts to hurt the demon inside her mother. However, Mommy Dearest has some tricks up her sleeve. She drains Ana temporarily and we see the latter collapse. 

Gabriella is able to elicit the spirit of the dying man named Alex. Alex urges Gabriella to tell his son and wife that he loves them very much. Unfortunately, Alex’s stay is brief as the demon overtakes him again. Daimon returns and places his hand again on the man’s forearm. We see a shift of power as the demon is promptly expelled courtesy of Daimon. Daimon slides to the ground, utterly drained. Alex passes on. 

Then, Ana wakes up on the floor. Her head was nestled in Victoria’s lap. She’s clearly startled. Ana asks why Victoria sent her goons to free whatever was trapped in that sarcophagus. Mommy Dearest reveals that she was trying to kill it, not free it. But now that this elusive being is free … he’ll be so tickled to see Ana. He’ll be so proud of her. Could this be Daddy Helstrom? I think so!

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Now, things really are heating up on Helstrom. This episode picked up the pace from the pilot, much to my delight. Once again, Elizabeth Marvel is the MVP. She’s a compelling force to be reckoned with. I can’t wait to see more delightfully dark monologues from her. The mystery surrounding what escaped that sarcophagus continues to deepen. Helstrom is doing an excellent job of emphasizing just how dangerous this being is. Daimon and Ana have an interesting dynamic. It’s rare that a show flips the man-in-need-of-a-big-hug trope on its head. Instead, Ana is the icy character of the two. I’m into it. 

Do you think Daddy Helstrom is on the loose? Will Daimon and Ana ever make nice again? Is Hastings actually dying by Victoria’s hand? Only one way to find out — by watching more Helstrom on Hulu. 



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