Fandom on the internet can be a wonderful and inclusive place. And not just for geeks! It’s a place where fans can talk freely about their favorite media with other fans and have fun. It can also be a cesspool in the deepest depths of hell. Star Wars fandom is no stranger to that. With fans spanning over decades with many strong opinions, it can result in fights and “pre-opinions”, forming opinions before seeing something. HelloGreedo gives us a taste of it.

In the video we see him entering “the internet” and finds two other Star Wars fans. He’s ready to start a conversation but is instead bombarded with negativity. “Porgs are the new Jar Jar!” one shouts. Which, how dare you sir, the porgs are precious. The rest of the video sees the men fighting over the upcoming movies with HelloGreedo trying to bring reason to it all. We haven’t even seen the movies – we can’t judge them just yet with such particular opinions.

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It really brings to light the problem in fandom. Some fans form such strongly negative opinions based on very small information that we’re given. I will be honest and admit that I judged BB-8 in the very first teaser for The Force Awakens, thinking he was stupid. Oh how I’ve eaten my thoughts and feelings since then. It’s not to say fans can’t form thoughts on the information we do know. But saying Episode IX is going to suck before it comes out, even before seeing Episode VIII, it’s craziness. And this parody video holds a mirror up to it brilliantly.

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Erin Lynch