Good news, Heartstopper fans — Season 2 is coming soon. Netflix confirmed the highly anticipated second season will air this summer with a tweet and a teaser just a few days before the Netflix UK showcase. Read on to discover what we know so far, and watch the teaser.

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The first season of Heartstopper was a huge success for Netflix, premiering in April 2022. Based on the graphic novel series of the same name, the show follows Nick (Joe Locke) and Charlie (Kit Connor) as they meet in school, become friends and quickly fall in love. News of a second and third season dropped a few weeks after the first season aired to the excitement of fans around the world. 

Connor and Locke will return for Season 2 alongside Olivia Colman, Yasmin Finney, Stephen Fry and William Gao, among others. New cast members include Leila Khan as Sahar Zahid, Jack Barton as Nick’s older brother David and Nima Taleghani as Mr. Farouk.

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The Season 2 teaser features the cast discussing what fans can expect in the new season, along with behind-the-scenes shots from filming. They talk about the amazing scripts and how different the vibe will be from Season 1. 

What are you most looking forward to in Heartstopper Season 2? Let us know below, and keep an eye out for more coverage when it premieres on August 3, 2023, only on Netflix. 

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