-Jenny Flack

Sadly, one of the most brilliant works of political satire ever attempted ends tonight when The Colbert Report airs it’s last episode. I don’t know if you, or the nation are feeling the great sense of loss that I am today, but in a time when our political landscape itself is theatre… often bordering on farce, and corporate cowardess limits our artistic expression as it has this week with Paramount pulling The Interview, the disappearance of a show like The Colbert Report feels like an especially poignant moment to me.

To celebrate Stephen Colbert’s accomplishments and lament the end of an era, Mother Jones posted an episode of David Plotz’s Working podcast today, in which Stephen Colbert discusses his process and the curation of the staunchly leftist version of himself that he’s presented on The Colbert Report for 9 years.

We do not lose Colbert entirely.  He’s taking David Letterman’s place on The Late Show in September.  We can only hope that he’ll bring some of that incredible satire and social commentary with him, and continue to hit us in the face with it.

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